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   Aircraft Upholstery and Interiors                                                                  A.I.R. Upholstery LLC
Piper Navajo
                        1976 Piper Navajo
Before Interior TrimThe original side walls and window treatment.
Original Piper Interior                  The original view forward.

  Restoring the Piper
Seats and Cabinetry are Removed
  Seats and cabinetry are removed.
Window Trim Removal
      Drapes and trim are removed.
Seat in the Shop
     The Piper seats are in the shop.
Seats on the bench
         Seat is prepared for repair.
Pilot Seat original foam
  Foam is removed from pilot's seat.
New foam is cut to fit
             New foam is cut to fit.
Repaired seat is assembled
               Seat is re-assembled.
Piper Navaho Seats
    Piper seat repairs in production.

    Aircraft Components and Cabinetry
Re laminating damaged cabinet
Console cabinet is re-veneered.
Preparing to stain
New laminate is prepared for stain.
First Coat of Stain
    Stain is applied to the laminate.
Cabinet is stained to match
  Re-laminate and stain is complete.

   Window Trim and Sidewalls
Original Window Trim Molding
  Window trim panels on the bench.
Panels are prepared for upholstery
   Preparing trim panels for repair.
Trim is upholstered
   Micro-suede is applied to panel.
Window trim is upholstered
      The trim panel is upholstered.

     Installation Begins
Side walls and Trim is Installed
  Upholstered window trim panels are installed.
Headliner is repaired and restored
          Headliner and side panels are repaired.
Seats are installed
        View from the door as seats are installed.

Upholstered Side Panels
        Upholstered window trim.
Door step with handle
  View of the door and step handle.
Refinished wood Panel
      Refinished wood throughout.
Seats Cabin Installed
       Console, seats and windows.

                     Original Interior of Piper Navajo
The Original Piper Interior
                       Restored and Updated Piper Interior
Restored Piper Navajo
       Aircraft Upholstery and Upholstery Repairs                                                'Kevin,
        Restore, Refurbish and Color Change                                                               I really like the work you have done.
       Interior Headliner, Carpet and Door Panel Restoration                          You are right, it looks better without the drapes...'

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 RV9-A Airplane Seats

                           Completed RV9-A Airplane Seats in Leather.
Aviation Leather
   New leather is rolled out and cut.
Leather Inserts
   Red leather inserts are designed.
Sewing the seat panels
   Seat patterns are sewn together.
Laying out pattern panels
Leather panels are fitted for backs.

Seat Kit Foam
  Aviation foam kit for seats.
Seat Back Insert
  Aviation foam kit for backs.
HEating Element Installed
 Heating element is installed.
Foam Seats are Upholstered
   New seats are assembled.
Seats are Complete
     Pilot and Co-Pilot Seats.

           Cessna 421 Restoration
             Interior Finish, Refurbish and Conversions
Aircraft Upholstery
    Cessna 421 Golden Eagle in for new custom interior installation.
         Complete Upholstery, Headliners and Carpet
Aircraft Interior Restoration

         2 Pilot, 5 Passenger Seats with pattern change in leather.

Aircraft upholstery and interior restoration and are a precise and detailed aviation production process. We bring industry knowledge into the
      craft of upholstery to the interior project. Aviation manufacturing and management experience enhances industry interior requirements for
      an airplane's interior refurbishment. Interiors for private and corporate planes, pleasure as well as experimental aircraft. Restoration of the
      original or custom upholstered, carpet installation, side wall coverings, cup holder rails, lav seating and headliners.

      Boat Upholstery Gallery                   With a few pictures and dimensions we're able to establish fabric yardage requirement
     Automotive Upholstery Gallery         and an upholstery labor quote to restore or repair your plane. Send Your Photos Here

   Cockpit Seating in Sheepskin Covers
Pilot Seat
       Pilot seat re-upholstered in sheepskin.

    Quality Aviation Upholstery
Closeup of plane seat
  Close up of re-upholstered plane seat.

     Complete Interior Restoration
Passenger Seats
  Custom re-upholstered Cessna plane seats.

   Pilots can appreciate our use of foam to acquire maximum support and comfort through the re-upholstery process. When original fabrics are
   removed, we are able to configure the foam to the frame to better conform to the individual who will be sitting there. We offer wool selections
   of specified aviation fabrics, suede, vinyl and leather choices to restore as original or as custom as your imagination wish....

        Aviation Fabrics and Textiles
Aviation Fabrics
  FAR 25.853 compliant fabrics and materials.
             Suede and Ultra Suede
 Aviation Suede
    Soft suede in all color shades and textures.
           Period-Correct Patterns
Aviation Fabrics
     Vintage and Antique Aircraft Restoration.

Furniture Upholstery Gallery                                                Call us Monday - Friday 9-5 for information on aircraft upholstery
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                Custom Aviation Headliner Installation
Aircraft Upholstery

        Sidewalls, Drapes, Shades and Carpets
Aircraft Interior Restoration
The headliner was custom upholstered in ultra-suede.

Upholstered Fuselage
      Aviation the carpet installation and upholstered walls.

We modified the interior configuration of this Cessna 421 Golden Eagle. The seats required frame changes, new foam, design and style change.
he upholstered side walls, headliner, and cabinet laminate base were color matched and coordinated 
with the plane's exterior paint scheme.

         Aviation Leather and Vinyl
Aviation Leather
 Full and top grain leathers and aviation vinyl.
      Custom Design and Patterning
Aviation Fabrics
     A variety of custom embossed designs.
      Coordinating Aircraft Fabrics
Aircraft Suede and Leather
    Aviation grade tweeds, synthetic and wool.

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          Aviation Cabinetry, Shelving and Storage
Aviation Cabinetry
    Custom aircraft gray laminate cabinet with lift and latch shelf.
     Floors and Steps
Step Tread and Carpet
  Step-up tread and carpet.
      Custom Design
Cessna Passenger Seat
    A look inside the plane.
Aisle Seat
      Aisle seating.

All materials, fabrics, carpet and supplies we use meet the required components for FAR 25.853 and FAR 43.3(d) requirements are certifiable.
         Interior restoration includes private, business and helicopter upholstery and repairs, refurbishment and interior conversions. We will fabricate
         cabinets components and partitions in wood, laminate, exotics and privacy drapes. Aircraft Flooring, Carpet and Stair Steps.  

     Aircraft Upholstery

      Pilot and Co-Pilot Seats
  Crew and Passenger Seats
   Aircraft Interior Restoration

             Upholstered Side Walls
       Custom Headliners Installed
  Aircraft Flooring

      Carpet and Pad
          Step Tread
 Aircraft Cabinetry

Audio and Video
Wet Bar Cabinets
   Privacy Panels

  Wood and Composite
Laminate and Fabrics

Aviation Fabrics
    Cloth, Leather and Vinyl
Textured Aviation Leather
      Textured and Embossed
Coordinating Colors
  Color Coordinating Materials

   Restored Piper Cherokee
            Single and Twin Engine Aircraft Interiors
Piper Cherokee
    Fully restored Piper Cherokee, with new engine, paint and interior.
            Pilot, Crew and Passenger Seat Upholstery
Cherokee Hi-Back Passenger Bench
      Custom designed passenger high-back bench to fit under hat shelf.

  Pilots will appreciate the look of a professionally re-upholstered and restored aircraft interior. Pilot and co-pilot comfort and passenger seating, side
  walls, door panels. New carpet and headliner installation. We offer advanced aircraft upholstery and interior restoration. Refurbishing the interior of
  an vintage entire airplane or maintain the smallest aesthetic of repairs. Custom design, original or period-correct interiors.

       Aircraft Door Panel Upholstery
Cherokee Door Panel
     Re-upholstered door panel and hand rail.
        Aircraft Side Walls and Panels
Inside Cherokee
Pilot and Passenger side panel and kick panel.
        Aircraft Headliner Installation
Cherokee headliner
  Headliner and hat shelf installed in Cherokee.

        Airport furniture, waiting area and VIP seating re-upholstery , interior repair and maintenance services. We can restore
the lobby furniture,
        cafe and
restaurant booth upholstery and seating. Tarmac passenger seating and shuttle bus upholstery, carpet and interior trim repairs

    A.I.R. Upholstery                           Advanced Interior Restoration and Upholstery                (719) 495-0509
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