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   Boat Upholstery Repairs
 Engine Cover Restoration
Exposing Underlying Wood Rot
       Dry Rot is a serious matter in boats when you don't know it's there...
Restored Engine Cover
I just wanted to say thank you for doing such an amazing
FAST job fixing the upholstery on our boat. We decided
to go to Powell at the last minute and had realized we had
dry rot in the cover. You saved the trip!'



Boat Woodworking

Engine Cover
Top view of the outside of the engine cover.
Engine Cover Insulation
  What's happening underneath is destructive.
Removing Vinyl from Engine Cover Frame
    The vinyl is removed, exposing wood rot.
Wood Crumbles to the Touch
  The wall frame of the cover has rotted away.
Engine Cover Wood Rot
Seriously scary wood rot...
Cut-to-Fit Wood Repair
         Wood is cut-to-fit then shimmed to frame.

New Top and Side Frame Panels
  New wood is shimmed to existing.
New Wood is Installed
      New side frame is gel coated.
Engine Cover is Upholstered
          Shell is re-upholstered.
Re-upholstered Attached Seat Cushion
  New cushion is installed on cover.

        Bow Rail Repairs

Sea Ray Bow Back Pull
         Bow rail frame has pulled from the hull.
Split Seam on Open Bow Back
             Bow rail back cushion seam split.
Removing upholstery
         Vinyl is removed from rail to repair.
Sea Ray Bow Back Rail
      Bow rail is repaired and  re-upholstered.
Sewn Bow Rail Seam
       Split seam is repaired and top stitched.
Bowed Rail Repair
     The bow rail is installed onto the Sea Ray.

           Grumman Pontoon 
Original Pontoon Sun Desk
               1996 Grumman Pontoon's Original Sun Deck Cushion.
Restored Sun Deck Cover
                         Re-Upholstered Sun Deck and Quarter Deck.

Original Deck Seat
                         Original Seat Cushions.
Original Top Caps
Original Compartment Top Caps.
Original Hinged Quarter Deck
                Original Hinged Quarter Deck

     Re-Upholstered Sun Deck
New Marine Vinyl for the Pontoon
Sun Deck pattern is re-created, sewn and upholstered onto the engine cover.
        New Marine Vinyl New Marine Vinyl for Pontoon
     An original colors match.

    Custom Reproduction
Patterning the Sun Deck
      Pattern process and fit.
      Boat Cushion Foam
Sun Deck Foam
      Deck and cushion foam.

      Custom Upholstery
Test Fit of Quarter Deck Cover
    Cover is placed over foam.

New Quarter Deck Cover
          Patterns are sewn to create new cover.
Applying Vinyl to Quarter Deck
               Cover is set onto the quarter panel
New cover is stroked into place.
                 Re-upholstered seat cushions.
New Back Upholstery
        New back sleeve is applied to seat frame.
Pontoon Production
          Back is attached with the seat cushion.
Re-Upholstered Pontoon Seat
            The Pontoon's upholstery production.

New Cushion Caps
        New top caps are installed.
New Seat Cushions
          Completed Pontoon Seats.
Rails Being Attached
           Deck rails are installed.
Sun Deck is Complete
               Sun Deck is complete.

Re-Upholstered Pontoon Seats
                                 Grumman Pontoon Restored Deck Seats.
Completed Pontoon Decks
                    Re-Upholstered and Ready to Install Sun Decks.

    Yamaha AR 230 SRT  
Original Board in Pieces
         Damaged and broken cushion panel board.
The Original Cover
        Scuffed and torn original Yamaha cushion.
The Core and Bolster Foam
         Original insert and bolster foam in pieces.

     Custom Boat Woodworking 
Custom Cushion Board
    Cut and shaped board is painted and ready for upholstery and cleats.
           Wood Production
Cut-to-Match Panel Board
       5-ply cabinet grade wood.

Original Seat Cleat
    One remaining original cleat.
        Cut-to-Match Panels
Cut and Treated New Board
      Cut to reproduce seat board.

New Made-to-Match Cleats
       Four new cleats are ready.

New Boat Vinyl
     New marine vinyl is inspected.
Sewing the Cushion
         Panels are sewn together.
Fitting the patterns
   Sewn panels are checked for fit.
New cover is placed over foam
       Cushion is placed over foam.

                      Restored Yamaha Cushion
Restored Yamaha Cushion
The Yamaha Cushion is complete and ready to be installed.
          Boat Cushion Upholstery
Cushion is Upholstered
         Upholstered to new board.
Cover is Upholstered
 Cleats are installed to base board.
          Quality Workmanship
New Board is Ready to Trim
     Vinyl is trimmed from cushion.
Cushion is finished and trimmed
       Cushion is trimmed with welt.
   Monday - Friday 9:00 - 5:00                                 A.I.R. Upholstery L.L.C.                                               CONTINUE>>
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