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  Upholstery & Upholstery Repairs

   Full Service Custom Upholstery Workshop
   Black Forest, CO 80908 719-495-0509    

Furniture - Auto - Business - Boat - Aircraft 

Interior Designer Upholstery Workshop                                  Contact Us for Professional Upholstery Workroom Services.

                 Custom Upholstery Sewing
                 By experience is a trade mastered by the craftsman...
         Residential and Commercial Upholstery Services
            Interior Designers throughout Colorado have called
            for our Designer Upholstery and Workshop Services.

         The Best Compliment an Upholsterer can Receive...
            The trust to re-upholster a Designer's own furniture.

         A Business Relationship is Established When...
            An upholstery workroom team dedicated to successful
            installations and dependable furniture transportation.

         Trusted and Dependable Upholstery Services.
professional representation with quality workroom
inspires confidence to offer upholstery services to
            those that look for interior guidance.

         Call Us for Information on our Designer Services.
            Quality Custom Upholstery Workmanship Guarantee!

Custom Upholstery  ·  Furniture Upholstery ·  Designer Designed  ·  Commercial Upholstery  ·  Custom Made  ·  Made-to-Match

    Custom Cornice Boards
Custom Cornice Board
    New fabric and lining for cornice.
Cutting the scallops of the board
   Scallops are cut for cornice front.
The cornice frame
    The scalloped panel is attached.
Padding is applied to cornice frame
    Cornice frame is with Dacron.™

Cornice Board is lined
  Cornice board frame interior is lined to finish.
Scallops are trimmed with nails
 Scrolled outline is trimmed in decorative nails.
Cornice Boards are installed
     The matching cornice boards are installed.

    Decorative Wood Re-Finish
Original gilded blond Curio Cabinets
    Original gold gilded blond curios.
Curio tops
   Curios are re-finished and drying.
Original Gilded Blond Curios
     Set is sanded with first coat.
Re-finished curio interiors
   Interior of the curios are finished.
Refinished Curio Cabinets
  Re-finished curios are delivered, glass shelves and doors are installed.

Re-finish on Gold Sofa
         Flair arm sofa wood trim is refinished.
Custom made pillows
               Custom made throw pillows...
Gold sofa with pillows
   Restored and refinished sofa with new pillows.

Flair Arm Chair Before
             Before Flair Arm Chair.
Flair Arm Chair After
   Refinished and Re-Upholstered.
Seat base of original rocker
   Swivel Rocker base on the bench.

Assemble and Re-upholstered
    Assembled and Re-Upholstered.

  Designer Dining Chairs

Original Set of Dining Chairs
          Original set of dining chairs.
Original Dining Chair
         The arm chair on the bench.    
Upholstering the outside back
   The outside back is upholstered.
Outside back is complete
     Coordinating fabrics on frame.
Closeup of welt trim
       Closeup of coordinating design.
Upholstery production
      During upholstery production.
Arm Chairs are Complete
    The arm chairs are complete.
Dining Chairs are Complete
   Dining Set of 8 ready for delivery.

           Custom Upholstered Furniture Frames 
Custom Upholstered Showroom Sofa
  Custom tight-back, roll arm with solid black coordinate welt on boxed cushions.
Matching Armless Chairs
       Matching Armless Set
Custom Upholstered Showroom Sofa
       Custom Roll Arm Sofa.
Sewing welt on cushion panel
     Seat Cushion Top Panel.
Roll arm with welt
   Welt Trim in Black Leather.

New roll arm sofa frame
   One of two designed rolled arm sofa frames.
Self deck completed
        Sofa's self-seat deck and front panel.
Sofas on the bench
     Both sofas during the upholstery process.

   We have
provided the upholstery specifications, labor and crew to projects for the design industry, architects, mill work and woodworking
   companies. As a full service workroom we upholster residential furniture and custom made framed items like cushion substrates, ottomans,
   bench and cornices. Commercial seating, booth and banquette re-upholstery. Custom made frames and built-in upholstered furniture.
   719-495-0509                                                A.I.R. Upholstery LLC                                                                   Contact Us
                                                                                                  Quality Workmanship Guaranteed

  Custom Made Photo Gallery                                                                                   Click to Go to our Workroom Photo Gallery

               Furniture Re-Upholstery Workroom
Before Parson's Dining Chairs
    Before set of 6 upholstered roll-back skirted dining room chairs.
Re-upholstered Parson's Chairs
   Re-upholstered skirted roll-back dining chairs ready for delivery.

Original materials are removed
    All fabric is removed and poly-wrapped.
New fabric is cut
   New upholstery fabric on the cutting table.
Skirted Dining Chair
      First completed chair for pattern match.

   Roll Arm Chair and Ottoman
Skirted Roll Arm Chair
  Arm chair on the bench.
The fabric is removed
   Original fabric is removed.
Chair frame is ready for upholstery
 Chair's ready for upholstery.
New fabric on the cutting table
   New fabric is ready to cut.
Seat deck and arms are upholstered
 Upholstered deck and arms.
New outside arm panel
 Outside arm upholstered.
Back cushion is sewn
 The attached back cushion.
New seat and back cushions
       Chair is upholstered.
Ottoman band is upholstered
 Fabric on the ottoman base.
Skirted ottoman is complete
Skirted ottoman is complete.

               Re-Upholstered Headboard 
Original Queen Headboard in Zebra
       Original Queen Size Headboard Upholstered in Zebra Print.
Re-upholstered Queen Headboard
       Re-Upholstered Queen Headboard Trimmed with Fancy Nails.

Original Zebra Pattern
     The zebra print is removed.
Queen Headboard on the Bench
     Headboard is on the bench.
New Fabric for Headboard
      New fabric is ready to cut.
Fabric is draped over headboard
         Re-upholstery begins.

All original fabric is removed
        Rolled ends are pleated and trimmed.
Ends are ready for fancy nails
    Straight cut at staples for nail application.
Fabric is trimmed in fancy nails
     Wood is trimmed with fancy nails to finish.

     Quality Upholstery Workmanship Guarantee.                            A few photos and dimensions we'll provide the information
     Professional Furniture Transport Provided.                                 you'll need for an upholstery project.  
Send Photos Here

              Scrolled Bench
            Custom Made and Upholstered Benches
Bench on the Bench
   A custom designed and built bench frame with attached cushion.
       Quality Workmanship - Satisfaction Guarantee
Upholstered Parsons Bench
              Complete with coordinated fabrics and large trim nails.

      There is a confidence that builds when industry professionals work together to achieve happy and satisfied customers. Our experience in creative
      furniture design, production and manufacturing,
we will do whatever we can to achieve the desired results for your clients..
      A.I.R. Upholstery offers a one year warranty on quality workmanship and satisfaction.

         Matched Recliners
     Custom Furniture Upholstery
2 Recliner Insides
    Old fabric is removed, foam is wrapped.
       Tailored to Framed Upholstery
Test fit of reupholstered inside
      Test fit for re-upholstered seat and back.
        Matched Furniture Sets
Completed Recliners
     Completed recliners ready for delivery.

All furniture in for re-upholstery has original staples, fabric and cotton padding removed. All frames, joints, panel board, webbing or springs and
   foam is inspected for stability. New fabric is cut and sewn with bonded poly-nylon threads and upholstered in accordance to each work order.

  Quality Upholstery Workmanship Guarantee.                                      A.I.R. Upholstery   Black Forest, CO 80908
On-site Repairs. Pick up and Delivery.                                                                Contact Us Here or Call (719) 495-0509

Custom Upholstered Frames  
A new chair frame
        Quality constructed hardwood frames.
Upholstery in process
       Finished inside back, arms and seat deck.
Roll Arm with Nail Trim
    First of four matching chairs is complete.

      Starting with raw chair frames with webbing, an idea and materials, we produced 4 quality upholstered roll arm chairs, coordinated fabric and
     leather application with fancy nail trim.
Pattern is matched throughout with boxed cushions with coordinating leather welt and nail trim.

         Original Frame Changes
Back Height Frame Change
      Chairs with back height frame change.
        Furniture Design Changes
Fancy Nails - One at a Time
           Head-to-head fancy nails application.
         Completed as Envisioned
First of two chairs
        Chair is complete and 10 inches taller.

Once a frame has the original materials removed, changes can then be made to the arm (ex: box arm to roll arm) and leg styles, the shape of a
        sofa back (straight back to camel back) and height changes, as with the 10 additional inches we added to the chair frame pictured above.

     Commercial Upholstery Gallery                                                    Our Interior Design Workroom Photo Gallery show the series
     Upholstered Furniture Gallery                                                                           of before, during and after production pictures.

   Embossed Leather Bar Stools
         Upholstered Bar Stools
Bar Stool Frames
      3 of 6 seat decks readied upholstery.
                  Matched Patterns
Upholstering bar stool
   Seat upholstered and patterns cut for arms.
     Designer Designed Furniture
Upholstered Bar Stool
    Bar Stool is upholstered and trimmed.

Our shop provides dependable upholstery workroom services with our creativity, mechanical and technical skills to achieve the desired results
   for Designers and their clients. Quality workmanship, committed turn-around bench time, and a skilled and savvy upholstery team.

   Monday - Friday 9:00 - 5:00                                A.I.R. Upholstery L.L.C.                                            CONTINUE>>
   A.I.R. Upholstery                          Advanced Interior Restoration and Upholstery                (719) 495-0509


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