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      Upholstery & Upholstery Repairs

  Full Service Custom Upholstery Workshop    
  Black Forest, CO 80908  (719) 495-0509     

  Furniture - Auto - Business - Boat - Aircraft     

   Servicing the Upholstery Needs of ALL Things Upholstered!
                                                                                                  Residential  •  Commercial  •  Automotive  •  Boats
  Automotive Upholstery and Interior Services                                  Visit our Auto Fabrics Gallery Here:  Auto Fabrics
                                 2004 GMC BEFORE
Original GMC Interior
                   Original 2004 GMC 2500 Gray Leather Interior.
                                2004 GMC AFTER
Custom GMC Interior
          Custom Re-Upholstered with New Leather Inserts and Carpet.

ew Seat Design                      New Automotive Leather                Updated and Added To                  Molded Carpet Installation
Damaged GMC Driver Seat
  Original visit for driver seat repair.

New leather for custom insert
New leather for custom seat inserts.

Original GMC Seat
Seat and Back inserts to be replaced.
New GMC Carpet
  Also, new carpet to match new inserts.

Seat is removed
  Seats are pulled and on the bench.
Original cover is removed
 Original leather covers are removed.
Cover panel seams are split
     Inserts are removed from cover.
Insert panels are patterned
 Insert panels are patterned on leather.

PAtterns are cut and scrimmed
     New leather is scrimmed and ready to sew.
Insert patterns are sewn
          The insert panels are sewn together.
Sewing the new seat cover
      The new inserts and seat boxing are sewn.

Custom Seat Re-Upholstery
 Back cover is upholstered
   The cover is placed on the back foam.

Shoulder belt is installed
Belt is assembled and seat is cleaned.
     Seat is upholstered
       The cover is upholstered to seat base.
Seat back is assembled       Passenger back with headrest is ready.
     Custom Design and Upholstered GMC Seat
Complete Passenger Seat
   Process of upholstering the passenger seat, cleaning and assembly.

   GMC Carpet Installation
Carpet is removed
  Original carpet has been removed.
Thermal/Sound Deadening Mats
   Acoustic/Thermal lining installed.
Sound dampener is installed
   Second Skin Automotive Insulation.

Pad is set into place
     The carpet pad is set into place.

  The carpet at the firewall
   Installing and securing carpet at the firewall.
Carpet is installed
    The molded carpet is set and marked for bolts.  
Console is set into place
      Carpet is ready and the center console is set.
Custom Automotive Seat Upholstery                                         Quality Work Only!
Installed Driver Side
     The driver's side with the new leather inserts, expandable pocket and carpet.

Installed Passenger Seat
    The view through the passenger side of this custom restored 2004 GMC 2500.

             Automotive Upholstery
Re-upholstered Truck Bench
                Chevy Truck Seat
Covered Hinge Plate Restored bench frame
    Refurbished Bench Frame and Upholstered.
      Complete Interior Restoration
Restored 69 Bug

          Volkswagen Beetle Bug
Custom Carpet Installation Full Interior Restoration
      Restored Custom 1969 Volkswagen Bug.
     Interior and Upholstery Repairs
Headliner Installation
            Ranger Interior R&R
Seat Upholstery Repair Door Panel Restoration
Headliner, Seat and Door Panels Restored.

       Our automotive upholstery and interior restoration workshop provides a variety of custom upholstery and interior restoration services for all your
       vehicles. Seat upholstery and damaged area repairs. Upholstered side wall and door panels restored, new headliner, automotive carpet installation
       and convertible tops. Original interior restoration or custom design and manufactured in complete new colors and patterns.

       Browse our Auto Fabrics Gallery, where you'll find a wide variety of automotive cloth fabrics, leather, vinyl, carpets, and headliners
       for all of your automotive interior needs.

    New Paint and New Interior 
1969 Chevy Truck
     A 1969 Chevy Truck in for interior restoration.
The original bench seat
     The original upholstered truck bench seat.
Upholstery and seat cover removed
       Original cover and the seat cover is removed.

Preparing to pattern
    The original is prepared for patterns.
New vinyl for 1969 Ford
     The new vinyl is rolled out to cut.
The new design for the bench seat
    The vinyl is channeled with inserts.
Seat channels are sewn
      Close up of sewn channeled top.

Seat and back are assemble
        Upholstered bench is assembled and seat belt is pulled through. 
Re-upholstered bench is installed.
      Restored and customized 1969 Chevrolet Truck bench is installed.

are linked to Automotive Photo Gallery  showing a series of before, during and after photos of our automotive re-upholstery work.
    Torn, worn, burned, antique, or fiberglass kit, we'll produce a complete custom interior or reproduce an original interior for your vehicle.
   Classic Impala Carpet Installation   
                           1960 Chevrolet Impala
1960 Chevy Impala
          Incoming Impala in for New Headliner, Visors and Carpet.
                   Before Picture of Original Carpet
Impala Before Carpet
       Photo of the Impala's original carpet with re-upholstered bench.

          Carpet Removal
Seat and Carpet is removed
           Front bench is removed.
    Repairs and Preparation
Cleaned and Ready for Pad
      Floor is wire-wheeled clean.
     Cut-to-Fit Carpet Pad
Carpet Pad is Installed
    New pad is cut and patterned.
     Carpet Pad Installation
New Carpet Pad Installed
     Pad is ready for new carpet.

            New Automotive Carpet
Impala Carpet Installations
      Custom carpet installation in process.
                    Sewn Heel Pads
Sewn In Heel Pad
    Drivers side heel pad is sewn in to carpet. 
              Complete Installation
1960 Impala Carpet Installed

           Seats are installed and bolted in.

                       Automotive Carpet Installation
 New carpet installed
      Carpet and pad installation is complete and ready for the seats.
                     Sewn Vinyl Firewall Covering
Firewall Mat

    Padded vinyl firewall covering sewn to carpet to finish floor cover.

        Suspended (Bow) Headliners
           Proper Interior Preparation
Metal Ceiling
        Impala ceiling is cleaned and prepared.
                    Interior Scrim
Scrim Foam is Applied

  Scrim foam is placed between bow channels.
            Custom Made Headliner
Bow channel panels are sewn
           Headliner is sewn with bow pockets.

           New Headliner Set in Place
Headliner is fitted
          Suspended headliner is installed.
              Made-to-Fit Headliner
Trimmed-to-fit headliner
        Headliner is pulled tight and trimmed.
      Installed Custom Bow Headliner
Custom Headliner Installed
     Headliner is installed and ready for glass.

            Custom Built Auto Components 
Built-to-fit speaker Shelf
Custom built back speaker deck frame.
Upholstery in Process
        Vinyl is cut and upholstered and carpeted.
Custom Made Speaker Deck
    Completed Custom Back Deck in '69 VW Bug.
Speaker Component
     Wood box with woofer and port cut-outs.
Frame is Carpeted
      Component is carpeted to match Jeep. 
           Woofer and Port Grills are installed.

   Custom made and upholstered speaker enclosures. Built-in audio/video/gaming consoles, cabinets and storage shelves. Custom productions are
   made of wood or composite. We custom upholster with quality industry standard and approved fabrics, vinyl, leather, woodwork and laminates.
          Re-Upholstered Red Buckets 
Before Truck Buckets
      The original cloth panel of a 1987 Chevy Truck Bucket Seats.
Bucket Back the foam repair
       Back cover is removed.
New automotive cloth for buckets
      Design and color change.
Wedged foam applied
      Foam added to headrest.
Cut, sewn and re-upholstered seat.
  Red cloth top and vinyl sides.

Seat and back are bolted
      Velour is channeled with scrim-foam.

      Seat base and outside back in red vinyl.

      Custom Re-upholstered Chevy Buckets.
                                                                                                                         Send pictures of your automotive upholstery needs HERE
                                                                                                                          or Call Monday - Friday 9:00 - 5:00       (719) 495-0509

  Custom Door Panel Upholstery
    Fiberglass Composite Door Panel
                   Custom composite and fiberglass door panel.
   Upholstered with Speakers
                      Form-fitted with red inserts for speakers.

Door panel is prepared for vinyl
       Door panel is prepared for upholstery.
Patterns are Sewn Together
     Red vinyl speaker insert is cut and sewn.
Panel is Upholstered
     Panel is upholstered and ready for speakers.

        Automotive upholstery, seat repair and interior work will maintain your vehicle's interior integrity. Split, torn and worn seats, burns and pet damage can
      easily be repaired by replacing only the damaged panel(s) on each seat, if possible. With available automotive aftermarket fabrics and carpet,
      A.I.R. Upholstery can upholster and restore the original interior of your vehicle, or customize your vehicle with a whole new look.

       Browse our Auto Fabrics Gallery, where you'll find a variety of automotive cloth fabrics, leather, vinyl, carpets, and headliners for all of
       your automotive interior needs.

  Torn and Worn Car Seat Repairs
Yukon Driver Seat Damage
    Driver's seat leather has dried and flaked.
Driver Side Seat Foam is Torn
     Seat bun foam has broken down and torn.

New foam is cut -to-fit.
       Driver's seat is repaired and re-installed.
New Seat Cover is Sewn
         New seat cover is sewn as original.
Seat Belt Re-Installed
            Seat belt and seat are assembled.
Repaired Driver's Seat Installed
           Repaired Yukon seat is complete.

              Acura Driver's Seat Split Seam Repair
Split Seam of Acura
                       The seat insert horizontal seam has split.
          Seat Repaired with New Heating Element
Repaired Acura Seat
   The seam has been repaired and the seat re-installed to the base.

Seat Pan of Acura
   Damaged seat base is removed.
Cover is Removed
   Damaged seat cover is removed.
Smoldering Heater Coil
     Seat heater pad was crimped.
Close Up of Seat Heater
       Smoldered heating element.
New Heater Pad
   New Acura seat heating element.
New Heater Pad Installed
   Element is installed to seat foam.
Sewing the Seams
        Seat seam is sewn together.
Repaired Seat Top
       Seam check for assurance.

    What started as a small split in the driver's side seat panel seam, kept getting bigger, 'til finally... We discovered the the heating element had been
    crimped which had caused heat build-up which resulted in the seam failure. We replaced the element, repaired the split seam and had their seat
    installed within a matter of days. If it's a split seam, cracked vinyl or ripped fabric, automotive upholstery repairs are affordable and a sure way to
your vehicle's interior looking good...

Motorcycle Seat Upholstery - Custom, Original Restoration and Repairs 
Original Honda Fury Motorcycle Seat
     The original Honda Fury Motorcycle Seat.
Honda Seat Patterns
   Original seat ready to be patterned and cut.
Materials for Custom Fury Seat
  Croc™ Vinyl, Black Vinyl, Gel Pad and Thread.
New Gel Pad Installed
    A new gel pad is installed to add comfort.
Sewn with burnt orange thread
    Close up of Wild Croc™ stitched with orange.
Honda Fury Croc Seat
         Custom Wild Croc Honda Fury Bike Seat.

                                                                                                                                               More Photos of the Honda Croc Skin Seat.

       Motorcycle seat upholstery, water and snow sport vehicle seat upholstery and repairs. Whatever the seating apparatus you need upholstered or
repaired. New high-density foam or seat gel pads installed, to make what you need or want a reality. It may be comfort, or the look, our interior
       trim services can make it so. We also, make custom storage covers for your sports machines and custom grill bras.

     Below are linked to the Auto Photo Gallery                        A.I.R Upholstery                  Black Forest, CO 80908  (719) 495-0509
               Bucket Seat Upholstery
Custom Rock Crawler Seats
                Custom High-Back Buckets.
               Bench Seat Upholstery
Re-upholstered Channel Bench
       Re-upholstered 1984 Dodge Truck Bench.
           Split-Back Bench Upholstery
Re-Upholstered Split Back Bench
       Upholstered Ranchero Split-back Bench.

The availability of manufacturer's original fabric is a factor to successfully restoring the interiors of vintage, classics and antique cars.
    Aftermarket automotive fabrics and colors available we obtain the best in finished results. If you'd like a quote, we'll need photo images
    of the exterior and interior of the car, close-ups of the area(s) in question, the VIN number for the manufacturer's interior code, is helpful, too.
About Us                                                                                                           Browse online for available Automotive Upholstery Fabric
Automotive Photo Gallery                                                                                                            or Contact Us here for more information.

          Roadster Restoration
Street Rod Custom Interiors
                 Custom Leather Interiors.
            Vinyl Tops Restored
New Vinyl Tops Installed
                   New Vinyl Top Installation.
     Convertible Tops Installed
Convertible Top Installation
              New Convertible Top Installation

  We'll spark your imagination with custom automotive upholstery and interior production. If you're thinking custom - we'll achieve the satisfaction
  of a customized finished product. With a variety of automotive fabrics, suede, vinyl, leatherette and leather textiles in every color.

           Coupes and Classics
Restored Coupe
             The Coupe with her new paint.
           Custom Interiors
Before Coupe
    View of the original condition of the Coupe.
      Refurbished and Restored
Restored Coupe Back Seat
      View of the Restored Interior of the Coupe.
he Ruby Red Coupe - one of our most challenging Advanced Interior Restorations! Hard work and experience went in the restoration of this
      Coupe. The interior was rusted and water stained throughout. The existing interior was pulled, the rust and water damage was restored, the
      seats were upholstered, carpet, door panels, side walls and suspended headliner, the wood window trim were restored to complete the total
      interior transformation of the Coupe.

Automotive Photo Gallery                                                                                              Send your pictures HERE for questions, a quote
  Bus and RV Photo Gallery                                                                                              
or an idea that you've thought about.

Advanced Interior Restoration and Upholstery is experienced with interiors at all stages of disrepair. With affordable custom services,
   we do it right with a guarantee on our workmanship and satisfaction. As with all things re-upholstered, we never know what we will encounter
   when the old materials are removed. We'll let you know when an issue is discovered and what needs to be done to repair the impediment. We
   strive to keep on a timely schedule and will keep you updated if life won't cooperate with the production schedule.

   Browse our Auto Fabrics Gallery, where you'll find a wide variety of automotive cloth fabrics, leather, vinyl, carpets, and headliners for all your
   automotive interior needs.

Click here for more photos
      Party Bus Interiors
                     Party Bus Conversion
Party Bus Interior Conversion
 The Original Interior of a Bus
Bus Ceiling Before    Original Bus Seats
    Before ceiling.                Original Bus Seats.
Bus Floor with Fabric Books
              Before photo of the bus floor.
    Original Seating
Back of the Bus - Before
Before back of the bus.
Shuttle Bus Seats
         Before Bus Seating.

First Bus Bench
      Custom Bus Bench Seating.
Install Custom Bus Seating
          Installed Bus Benches.
Installed Bench with New Flooring
       Side Bench and New Floor.
The night we finished the bus
       We are Ready for Delivery!

      Large vehicle interior conversions are great jobs to do. The Party Bus pictured was awesome for us an an interior trim shop. There's a first for
      everything. And this was our first completely converted airport shuttle bus into an exciting and inviting Party Bus interior. Each custom built-in
      frame configured to fit and seat passengers with maximum comfort.
Audio and lighting installation, driver's cab partitioned with a privacy drape
      for maximized guests enjoyment.
          Import Interiors
BMW Interior Restoration
           BMW Interior
       Specialty Interiors
Camoflage Nylon and Vinyl
    Camouflaged Truck Seat
 1960's Era Seats Restored
1966 Restored Truck Bench
     1966 Ford Truck Bench
          Ford Centurion
Truck Bench with Integrated Headrest
    Re-upholstered in Vinyl
        Toyota Truck Bench
Suede Bench
     Upholstered in Suede

We'll repair and replace damaged panels if possible, or custom upholster the seats and side panels. Interior updating and upholstery services for
  boats and RV owners who wish to replace worn and out-dated seats, cushions, door panels, carpets installed and convertible tops repaired.

  Upholstery for single engine, business class aircraft and helicopter interiors. Industry required and approved standard fabrics, vinyl and leathers.
  Including foams, staples, wraps and supplies.

  Visit our Auto Fabrics Gallery: Auto Fabrics                                                                                                    More Automotive Upholstery>>

     A.I.R. Upholstery                           Advanced Interior Restoration and Upholstery                    (719) 495-0509
                                                                                                                  Monday - Friday 9:00 - 5:00

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