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 Upholstery & Furniture Repairs 

  Full Service Custom Upholstery Workshop
  Black Forest, CO 80908 719-495-0509          

Furniture - Auto - Business - Boat - Aircraft     

           Commercial Upholstery Services                   Visit our Fabrics Gallery:  Contract Fabrics   Leather and Vinyl
Upholstered Wall Panels and Bench
 Custom designed and built upholstered panel wall and bench.
Wall Panel Boards are Cut
          Wall panel boards are cut.

Panel Production in Process
    Wall panel production in process.
Wall Panel Boards are Upholstered
      Panel boards are upholstered.

Wall Panels are Upholstered
  Upholstered wall panels completed.

     Custom Seat Frame
Wood is Cut for Bench
    Bench frame wood is cut.
Radius Edge on Bench
        Radius edge is cut.
Building Bench Frame
   Bench frame is assembled.
Bench Top is Assembled
   Bench seat top is installed.
Bench Frame is Enclosed
     Bench frame is enclosed.

         Custom Built and Upholstered
Bench is Upholstered
             Bench seating unit is upholstered.
Toe-Kick is Applied
            Toe kick is applied to bench base frame.
Installed Upholstered Bench
    Close up of upholstered bench seat.

        Upholstered Panel Wall and Bench Seat
Upholstered Panel Wall Installed
          The Wall Unit and Bench Seat are Complete and Installed.
Installed Radius Bench
               Radius Bench with Installed Upholstered Wall Panels.

     Executive Office Furniture
Original Executive Chair
   Original Executive Leather Chair.
Close up of seat
       Worn and torn leather seat.
Trimmed in red leather welt
       Trimmed in red leather welt.
Preparing chair for re-upholstery
          Prepared to remove leather.

Original leather is removed
               Original Leather is removed.
Panel is upholstered
               Headrest panel is upholstered.
Leather is trimmed
               Excess leather is trimmed.
Headrest installed
 Chair panel boards are upholstered with welt.
Cack cushion is upholstered
     Headrest and back cushion are installed.
Executive Leather Chair is Complete
       Re-upholstered Executive Office Chair.

     Restaurant Upholstery                                On-site Commercial Seating Upholstery and Repairs. Custom Built or Re-Upholstered Booths, Benches
     Commercial Photo Gallery                           and Banquettes. Mill Work, Architect and Interior Designer Workroom  Services.  Contact Us HERE

      Restaurant Upholstery
Damaged Single Booth
      Before photo of booth seat tear.
              Repair Services
Re-upholstery in Process
        Close up of damaged booth seat.
             Foam and Frame Repairs
Reupholstered Booths Seats
       After photo of re-upholstered top seat panels.

Upholstery Underway
  Single end booth taken apart.
Upholstering Bench Seats
    Seat to be re-upholstered.
Removal of damaged seat vinyl
   Damaged fabric is removed.
Bench Frame Inspection
    Frame and foam inspected.
New vinyl application
   Cut fabric to be upholstered.

            If you are a business owner, designer, architect or mill shop, we are an experienced custom commercial upholstery workshop providing
            quality workmanship to site jobs. You build it, we'll upholster it, or we'll build the upholstered framework. We're able to work on-site
            during closed times. We come prepared to do the job, get in and out and clean up after our work.

           Visit our Fabric Gallery here:  Contract Fabrics   Leather and Vinyl

Medical and Therapy Upholstered Table Tops 

Re-upholstered Therapy Table
     Table is re-structured to be able to remove therapy table top.
Damaged Therapy Table
 Damaged attached top cushion.
Re-upholstering new top
   Cleats are added to table top.
Close up split vinyl
     Closeup of split vinyl on top.
Re-upholstered Therapy Table
     Table top is re-upholstered.

Upholstered Therapy Panel
We repair face panels.
Upholstered Table Pads
   Half top support panel.
Restructuring therapy table top
   Cushion top is removed.
Table Frame Repairs
  Corner blocks are made.
Restructuring therapy table top
   Ready for easy removal.

    Upholstered table tops used in medical offices, therapy, massage, hydraulic chiropractic tables are also susceptible to the vinyl cracking, peeling
    and tearing. We are able to remove and re-upholster the tables cushioned tops, panels and bolsters. We offer a complete selection of vinyls that
    are created specifically for medical facilities. As well as contact fabrics for Administrative office chairs, reception, lobby and waiting furniture

     Dental Chair Re-Upholstery 
Original Dental Chair Cover
  Dry and scuffed vinyl with broken down foam.
Back of Cushion
         Original back with yellowed clear vinyl.
Scuffed and stained snap flap
          Cushions have been worn and stained.

Original Dental Chair Cushions
      Chair cushion sections.
Original Covers are Removed
         Foam is removed.
Patterns are Cut
   Patterning the new vinyl.
Covers are Sewn
       Sewing the patterns.
Sewing the new covers
       New cushion with flap.

New cushions are top-stitched.
           Head Rest Cushion is filled with foam.
New Dental Chair Cushion Covers
  Topside of the completed dental chair cushions.
Snaps are Applied
  The backside of cushions with snaps installed.

   Furniture Upholstery                                                            We'll save your office time and money with an accurate quote
   Furniture Photo Gallery                                                                         with measurements and a few photos.    SEND HERE

    Cracked and Peeling Vinyl
Close up of vinyl damage
 Flaking and peeling vinyl on booth.
       Torn, Worn and Shredded Fabric
Damaged Reception Seating
Worn and torn with exposed foam seat cushion.
       Split Vinyl Booth Seat Damage
Damaged Booth Seat
   Vinyl splits always begin like the middle fleck.
Booth Seat Upholstery
   Re-upholstered vinyl booth seat.
Re-upholstered reception seat
   A coordinating vinyl replacement on chair seat.
Re-upholstered Booth Seat
          Re-upholstered top panel replacement.

    Commercial upholstery services for restaurant seating, office furniture and reception seating. Upholstery maintenance is the way to keep the look
    of a well-kept business interior. Dining chairs, bar stools, single, double, curved and corner booth re-upholstery, foam replacement, frame repairs,
    custom made and upholstered booths, benches and banquettes. New owner interior consultation and restaurant expansions.

                                                        Visit our Contract, Leather and Vinyl Galleries here:  Contract Fabrics   Leather and Vinyl

A.I.R. Upholstery LLC                 Advanced Interior Restoration and Upholstery                     (719) 495-0509
   Black Forest, CO 80908                            Servicing the Upholstery Needs of All Things Upholstered                          Contact Us Here

                Restaurant Booth Upholstery
Original Booths
       Original cafeteria booths to be re-upholstered and matched.
          Custom Made Restaurant Booths
Custom Made Restaunt Booths
      Custom built made-to-match booths for cafeteria expansion.

   Once a wear spot on upholstered vinyl or fabric seats, backs and arms begin, there's no stopping the damage. It continues to worsen, until the time
   when folks refuse to sit down at the offered seating. We have provided complete upholstery services for chain and maintenance supervisors, bar,
   lounges and restaurant owners, throughout Colorado. Our on-site upholstery services 'before or after hours' installations.

         Restaurant Booths Custom Made 

Single Booth and Paint
     A new single booth waiting for the paint to dry...
Upholstered Restaurant Bench
   Front view of a completed double.
Custom Booths Installed
     New and re-upholstered booths installed.

   How nice do these booths look next to the just painted blue walls. Our custom made booths are made to keep their new look. What is under the
   fabric plays an important role on the longevity of materials used in restaurant booths. High friction impact to the back of the fabric of people
   scooting over, is a big concern to longevity. We're versed in the content values of materials and the application for best use.

       Banquette and Built-In Frames
Banquette Frame
   Custom upholstery for contractor-built frames.

         Restaurant Booth Frames
Restaurant Booth Frames
Custom built restaurant booth frames.

       Furniture Frames
Furniture Frames
Custom built furniture frames. 

   Throughout this website you'll notice our consistent use of the word 'frame'. During the re-upholstery process, we 'peel the onion', as the saying
   goes. Any upholstered item with a frame has a story to tell. We'll never know the person(s) responsible for the finished product, but their skills, the
   materials used, quality ideals or lack thereof. Durability and longevity begins with the materials of a quality built frame.

    Business Upholstery Services 

Original Lime Green Bench
Backs are Upholstered
Removal of vinyl and padding
Installed Green Bench
Re-upholstered Green Bench

     Sets of Colorful Benches
Re-upholstered Purple Bench Original Orange Bench
Purple End Panel Caps
Re-upholstered Purple Bench Back
Purple Bench Installed

Refurbished, Re-Upholstered and Restored
One Old - One New
Red Bench Trimmed in Welt
Red bench ready for welt trim
Red Bench Installed
Re-upholstered Red Bench

A Set at a Time...
Re-upholstered Blue Bench

Re-upholstered Blue Seat

Re-upholstered blue seat and back
Re-upholstered Blue Bench Back

Installed Blue Curved Bench

  During the re-upholstery process all original materials are removed and the frame, springs, webbing or base board
is examined. At that time repairs
  are made, if necessary. Frame is then built-up with padding and foam and finally the fabric is cut, sewn, upholstered and re-installed.

  Custom On-Site Upholstery Services
Customer Built-in Pit Group
   Owner built 5-piece fireplace pit group frame.

On Site Upholstery
      Upholstered on-site and custom designed.
Upholstered Pit Group Built-In
    Tapered seat cushions and reversible backs.

        We received a quote request for the pit group frame pictured above. With a few pictures and dimensions we are able to quote the yardage that
        would be needed, the cost of new foam wrapped in Dacron™ and the labor. We assure quality workmanship and deliver quality results.

  Interior Designer Workroom Services 
New Sofa Frame
   This frame from a furniture designer for her furniture showroom.
Custom Upholstered Roll Arm Sofa
     The completed first of a matched set of roll arm sofa with welt.

  We have built relationships with Denver's top Residential and Commercial Interior Designer firms. Our upholstery workroom has produced the most
  creative and artistic application of fabrics that meet the required satisfaction of the client and the Designer. Even in retirement our designers will
  call us for upholstery needs, to this day. Visit our Designer Workroom to see Interior Designer's upholstery projects that we've produced.

        Designer Designed Projects
Upholstered Bench
        Custom upholstered bench as designed.
      Furniture Re-Upholstery
Re-upholstered Chairs
       Re-upholstered matching chairs.
      Upholstered by A.I.R Upholstery
Custom Design Bar Stools
    Specific design and matching fabric application.

    We apply our master craftsmanship to each and every job we upholster. Our full service contract upholstery workroom re-upholsters all styles of
    furniture, any age or condition. Custom made and upholstered frames for furniture, benches, banquettes, ottomans and cornice boards.

     Visit our Fabric Galleries here:    Upholstery Fabrics     Contract Fabrics     Leather and Vinyl                                          Contact Us Here

   Monday - Friday 9:00 - 5:00                             A.I.R. Upholstery L.L.C.                                               CONTINUE>>
   A.I.R. Upholstery                           Advanced Interior Restoration and Upholstery             (719) 495-0509

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