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   Upholstery & Upholstery Repairs

    Full Service Custom Upholstery Workshop
   Black Forest, CO 80908 (719) 495-0509 

Furniture - Auto - Business - Boat - Aircraft

Pro Am Skier
  Pro Am Skier
Cobra Viper
    Cobra Viper
Sea Ray
      Sea Ray

  Re-upholstery does wonders for weather beat boat seats and bow cushions. We're able to remove the original fabrics and replace the damaged
  areas. We replace damaged wood frames, seat bases and foam, if necessary. Wood, vinyl and boat cushion foam are susceptible to dry rot and
  mildew, which can affect the stability of most upholstered side panels, engine cover bases, cushion framework and fiberglass floor board frames.

  Visit our Marine Vinyl Gallery to browse the vinyl we have. See our Boat Upholstery Repairs and Visit the Boat Gallery of our work.

    The Donzi 
Custom Built Bench and Stair Frame
    Re-configured Bench and Step-Down Frame.

Forward View of The Donzi
        The Donzi with her New Custom Interior.

Completed Donzi 'Z' Deck and Bench
        Custom Made Donzi 'Z' Sun Deck Cushion.

     The Wellcraft
Before Lounger Back
   Before Photo of the Original Wellcraft Seating.
Re-Upholstered Lounger
       Top of Re-Upholstered Tri-Fold and Lounger.
Re-Upholstered Lounger
    Re-Upholstered Rounded  L-Shape Seating.

    Cuddy Cabin Upholstery
Before Cutty Interior
       The Wellcraft's Original Cabin Cushions.
New Cabin Upholstery
   Re-Upholstered Dining Cushions and Bench.
New V-Berth Cushion
        The New V-Berth Cushion is Set in Place.

     Stroker Bass Boat 
Access panels are prepared
    Access panels are cleaned and sanded.
New carpet on access panels
  Carpet is applied to panels and ready to install.
Installed Access Panels
          Access panels are hinged and installed.
New Vinyl for The Stroker
           New vinyl and carpet for the Stroker.
New seat patterns are sewn.
        Original pattern design on seat top is sewn.
The upholstered seat cover
  Seat is re-upholstered and ready for snaps.

       Blue Water Pro Am Skier  
Before Photo of Shuttle Seat
     Before photo of Pro Am Skier shuttle seat.
New Vinyl for Pro Am Skier
    New marine vinyls to match exterior paint.
Re-upholstered Shuttle Seat
    After photo of re-upholstered shuttle seat.
Pro Am Aft Bench
        Custom Designed Boat Seating
Pro Am Custom Side Rail
     Custom Made and Upholstered Rails
Pro Am Top View
     Complete Boat Interior Restoration

 Click Here to go to the Blue Water Pro Am Skier Restoration Photo Gallery.
       Crownline 202 Repair 

Torn sun deck Back
Starboard aft back left side tear.
Torn sun deck Back
       Starboard aft right side tear.
Torn sun deck Back
       Port side aft left side tear.
Torn sun deck Back
       Port side aft right side tear.
Click Here to go to the Crownline Sundeck Upholstery Repair

Ready to Re-install
  Starboard aft back bolster panel is replaced.
Repaired and replaced damaged panel
   Close-up of sewn seams of Crownline repair.
Repaired and Upholstered Sundeck
   Back is re-upholstered and ready to install.

Custom Boat Covers 
Custom Pontoon Cover
  Fitted storage and travel cover fit at the bow.
Seam Alignment Check
 Made to fit that a ready made did not address.
Custom Travel Cover
           We added a pocket to fit the ski tower.

Pontoon cover panels are sewn
   Yards and yards of canvas to sew.
Marking and test fitting on the boat
   Customizing fit of storage cover.
Sewing the fitted patterns
          Top-stitched seams on cover.
Box front for Pontoon cover
  Customizing front and ski tower.

               Flying Manta Ray Repair 
Flying Manta Ray Repaired
            Damaged panels and clear vinyl on this Flying Manta.
Clear vinyl is torn from manta
                 Manta window has torn from the material panels.

Manta on the work table
           Damaged materials are removed.
Manta under the sewing machine
           New material is sewn to the Manta.
Repaired Manta
   New clear vinyl window and replaced panel.

Cobra Viper Bass Boat
Custom Cobra Interior
          Boat Interior Re-Configuration
Cobra Coral Bass Boat
         Custom Designed Boat Seating
Cobra Bow Cushions
             Custom Pattern Designing

Click Here to go to Cobra Interior Photo Gallery                       For your convenience you can send photos of your boat HERE
                                                                                                    We'll provide a pretty solid quote to restore your boat this season.
         Boat Cover Repairs 
Seams are re-sewn
        Sew seams failed throughout this top.
Split seams are re-sewn
            Careful sewing of existing seams.
Support patches are re-sewn
   Support patches are sewn and re-enforced.

Glastron Sun Deck
             Upholstered Sun Decks
Glastron Starboard Bow Cushion
         Upholstered Bow Rails Restored
Glastron Aft Bench Seat
      Marine Vinyl, New Foam and Carpet

  Click Here to go to our Featured Upholstery Production Gallery - 1999 Glastron's Interior Restoration.

      Boat Cushion Repairs
Original Cushions
       Before photo of damaged seat cushions.
Vinyl torn from the bolster seam
      Torn away from the thigh bolster seams.
Original vinyl is removed
                  The original vinyl is removed.
New vinyl and welt
       New white vinyl and cut red welt strips.

New vinyl is cut for patterns
Vinyl is cut and patterned for cushions.
Panels are sewn
      New red vinyl is sewn to the end panel.
Upholstery Production
            Red vinyl welt sewn to boxing.
Re-upholstered Bow Cushion
     Cut, sewn and re-upholstered bow cushion.
3 re-upholstered boat seat cushions
    3 re-upholstered boat cushions - restored.

       Sea Doo® Seat Upholstery 
Sea Doo Seat to be Upholstered
     Sea-Doo seat frame with new scrim foam applied to repaired foam.
Re-upholstered Sea Doo Seat
        Upholstered in new yellow marine vinyl with back seat strap.

Application of new vinyl
       New vinyl is cut to fit the seat frame.
Securing to the seat frame
     Vinyl is steamed, pulled tight and stapled.
Stretched for tight fit
       Vinyl is stretched to fit contour of foam.

Restored Bow Cushions
             Restored Bow Seat Cushions
Completed Boat Carpet Installation
                Boat Carpet Installation
Boat Cushion Re-Upholstery
       Bench Seat and Cushion Upholstery

                                                                      For a quote on restoring the upholstery on your boat, call us at (719) 495-0509

     Seat and Cushion Upholstery       Custom Upholstery and Repair           Boat Floor Wood Repair
Repaired Port Side Rail
        Re-upholstered bow cushions.
Back-to- Back Lounger
  Re-upholstered jump seats and cushion.
Boat floor and wood frame repair
      Boat flooring repair and replacement.

   In the case of torn and worn damaged boat cushions, we're able to replace only the damaged panels on cushions, if the remaining vinyl is pliable
   enough to be re-sewn to. We'll match the original colors as close as possible, split the seams and replace with new vinyl. It's a cost effective repair
   to minimize any further damage to the foam in the cushions and the wood used for substrates and rail panels.


Carpeted Engine Cover
            Carpeted Boat Engine Covers
Repaired Gunwale Frames
          Gunwale Wood Frame Replaced
Carpeted Storage Panels
                Carpeted Storage Panels

Restored original or customize with modified patterns and colors in new marine vinyl and carpets. All old materials are removed, all frames are
evaluated and replaced as needed. New wood is cut-to-fit and sealed, using only marine grade materials and supplies.

                                                                                                                                                                        Call us today at
(719) 425-0509
 or email us.

   Complete Interior Restoration         Classics and Antique Boats         Sport Boats and Speed Boats

Open Bow Cushion Re-Upholstery
              Open Bow Boat Cushions
Complete Color and Style Update
                Updated Boat Seats
Custom Built Boat Seats
         Custom Built Lounge Boat Seats

     With re-upholstery and boat interior refurbishment, the condition of a boat interior can be restored, updated, rejuvenated and renewed. During
     the removal of materials process we inspect all pertinent frame, wall, and flooring construct. Rusted staples and metals are removed, replaced
     as needed with stainless steel.

                                                                                                                                                        Click here for our selection Boat Vinyl, Carpet and Canvas
   Monday - Friday 9:00 - 5:00                              A.I.R. Upholstery L.L.C.                                 Boat Upholstery Repairs
A.I.R. Upholstery                         Advanced Interior Restoration and Upholstery          (719) 495-0509

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