Contract Fabrics

WES, Journey - 29 Gemstone  $41.50/yd

WES, Journey - 52 Mulberry    $41.50/yd

WES, Anagram - 15 Chambray $34.50/yd

WES, Journey - 83 Sunset        $41.50/yd

WES, Journey - 99 Viridian       $41.50/yd

WES, Anagram - 75 Silouette   $34.50/yd

WES, Journey - 88 Marsh         $41.50/yd

WES, Baldwin - 29 Rainforest   $32.00/yd

WES, Anagram-85 Sugar Plum $34.50/yd

WES, Anagram-67 Raspberry  $34.50/yd

WES, Dwell-69 Sapphire           $38.75/yd

WES, Dwell-75 Scarlet               $38.75/yd

WES, Anagram-22 Firestone    $34.50/yd

WES, Dwell-12 Beach                 $38.75/yd

WES, Dwell-54 Natural               $38.75/yd

WES, Anagram-80 Straw           $34.50/yd

WES, Dwell-48 Maize                 $38.75/yd

WES, Ditto-73 Stone                  $31.00/yd

WES, Helix-56 Moonlight           $30.50/yd

WES, Mohegan-98 Windsor     $44.00/yd

WES, Doodle-60 Poppyseed    $32.00/yd

WES, Helix-05 Aqua                    $30.50/yd

WES, Mohegan-79 Raven          $44.00/yd

WES, Doodle-71 Silvery             $32.00/yd

WES, Helix-62 Nugget                $30.50/yd

WES, Mohegan-151 Leather     $44.00/yd

WES, Doodle-56 Pebble             $32.00/yd

WES, Centric-12 Ebony             $31.00/yd

WES, Spiro-56 Moonlight          $36.00/yd

WES, Whirl-50 Noir                     $33.00/yd

WES, Centric-63 Sienna            $31.00/yd

WES, Spiro-22 Cardinal             $36.00/yd

WES, Whirl-18 Clay                     $33.00/yd

WES, Centric-84 Tobacco         $31.00/yd

WES, Spiro-63 Pottery               $36.00/yd

WES, Blossom-36 Garnet         $27.50/yd

WES, Techno-60 Smoke            $32.00/yd

WES, Tetris-38 Granite              $27.50/yd

WES, Wired-22 Bluebell             $39.00/yd

WES, Techno-45 Magenta         $32.00/yd

WES, Tetris-66 Plumwood       $27.50/yd

WES, Wired-87 Teal                    $39.00/yd

WES, Techno-22 Flame              $32.00/yd

WES, Tetris-30 Gemstone        $27.50/yd

WES, Wired-30 Gingersnap      $39.00/yd

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