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Featured Upholstery Showcase                                         Heirloom and Specialty Upholstery
Mom's Rocker Re-upholstered
          Re-upholstered family heirloom. A Beloved Mom's Swivel Rocker.
Mom's Rocker Re-upholstery Begins
Original back foam pad
Rubbed worn foam
  Original fabric is removed.
Seat deck removed
2 Piece Rocker Frame
Seat deck re-upholstered
   Seat deck is upholstered.

        This swivel rocker was our 'beloved Mom's Rocker', which her son has in their home. The sentimental value of the rocker was the deciding
        factor when it came time to update the Rocking Chair. One concern was "the rocker might lose the fit, feel and comfort." It's something we
        understand and took great care to achieve the sentimental tie and comfort to his one and only 'Mom's Rocking Chair'.

Inside arms re-upholstered
Seat deck and inside arms are upholstered.
Back cushion sewn and filled
New back cushion is sewn with new foam. 
Back cushion buttoned and installed
Buttoned back cushion is attached to frame.
Outside re-upholstered
Outside fabric and arm panels are applied.
Panel skirt being applied
  Outside back is done and panel skirt is next.
Final touches on the skirt
    Rocker is in the final phase of completion.

As you can see, we removed the original brown corduroy fabric, the foam and padding around the frames were replaced with new. The new
        fabric was cut, sewn and upholstered to retain the fit, feel and the desired comfort. Only difference - awesome new color and fabric design.

    Furniture Photo Gallery      Custom Built Photo Gallery                                     If you build it... We'll upholster it!

          Upholstered Pit Group Frame 

Pit Group Frame
Pit Group Frame
Pit Group Frame

      This 5 section built-in seating frame was built by the home owner who sent these photos to request a fabric yardage, foam and upholstery
After a visit for measurements, yardage requirements and foam choice, the frame was upholstered on-site to complete this custom
      made Fireplace Pit Group in Brown Suede.

  The back is upholstered on site.
Finishing the seat decks
  The seat cushions are test fitted.
Back cushion foam
 The cushions are sewn and filled.

 Upholstered frame with cushions.

              Fireplace Pit Group
Custom Upholstered Pit Group
        Completed built-in custom upholstered pit group with power.
Fireplace Pit Group
       Built-in step-down from stair to stair in front of the fireplace.

        We received a request for a quote on the above photos for a built-in pit group frame in a step-down fireplace area. We recommended a
        cushion design to best suit the frame for placement and fit. The frame was padded and upholstered on-site in a beautiful cafe colored
        chenille. The seat and back cushions are tapered with cut-to-fit
foam cores wrapped in Dacron. Fabric's cut, sewn and upholstered to
        achieve an absolute fit.

  Furniture Re-Upholstery                                                    If you have a seating project that you have built - or want built,
  Furniture Upholstery Photo Gallery                                                   call us at (719) 495-0509. Or, send photos to us HERE

A Beloved Father's Heirloom 
1969 VW Interior Restoration
  Purple 1969 Volkswagen in for new interior.
Original Interior
      Re-upholstered once before in velvets. 
New Interior Materials
  New carpet and pad, black and purple vinyl.

           This 1969 Volkswagen Beetle came to us, re-upholstered in the wrong shade of purple, black and silver velour. The VW Beetle Bug belong to
           our customer's late Father who just loved this little car, except the interior. We suggested a solid black channeled pattern with coordinate
           purple welt (piping) matched to the exterior paint color. This was a full interior restoration, with a custom built back seat and storage deck.

Rusted-through floor board
Carpet removal exposed rusted battery tray.
New metal battery plate
     Custom made tray is riveted and sealed.
Carpet Pad Installation
     Floor is cleaned and carpet pad is placed.

     The old carpet was removed, we found serious rust issues on the battery tray and floor. We removed all of the rusted areas and placed a
       new treated battery tray. The new carpet pad is cut and put in place. The new carpet is cut-to-fit and bound with the coordinate purple vinyl.

Coordinate Carpet Binding
  We used the purple welt to bind the carpet.
Contoured Carpet
      New back contoured carpet is installed.
Installed Capet
     Driver and passenger completed carpet.

        To keep with the coordinated color scheme, the automotive carpet is cut-to-fit and bound with the purple vinyl. Carpet is installed along
        the firewall with a black heel pad sewn in on the driver's side. A custom boot is made for the shifter and the shift knob and brake is painted.

New back seat frame
       Customized back seat bench frame.
Bench frame decking cover
     Spring decking is applied to bench frame.
Channeled-top vinyl bench seat
         Channeled top panel of bench seat.

     We found a VW backseat frame that we refurbished to create a custom back seat bench. The metal back frame is prepped to be upholstered
     with new spring deck, pad and foam. The first of a series of sewn 1/2" scrim foam channeled top panel for the VW's new back bench seat.

Completed bench seat
     Bench seat is upholstered and trimmed.
Back deck test fit
              Test fit for the new back seat.
Back bench installed
     First look at new back bench and carpet.

      The back bench seat bench is complete with channeled top panel and coordinating purple welt. The back bench back is completed and test
      fitted with the custom made storage and speaker deck. The back bench is installed along with the passenger door panel and installed carpet.

Back Speaker Deck
      Custom made rear deck with speakers.
New headliner installed
 Custom foam-backed knit headliner in black.
Back window trimmed
           Upgraded to a one-piece headliner.

    The frame for the storage and speaker deck is upholstered in black vinyl with a finished storage area behind the new back seat. Foam-backed
    knit headliner is installed and trimmed along the windows. The headliner at the back window was converted from a multi-piece to a one-piece.

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           Completely Restored Interior 
Robert inside his restored '69 VW
See that happy smile!  A great little car with lots of personality - like the Owner.

 Even with a car there can be an emotional or sentimental
 tie. This is Robert. He wanted the interior of his Father's
 1969 VW Beetle restored in memorial of his beloved Dad.

 During a restoration process, we'll send progress pictures
the work being done, and we received this email...

"The colors and trimming you recommended for the bug
   are perfect. My Dad would have definitely approved the
   exceptional work you are doing on his car! My wife and
   I are extremely happy with what  we see in these photos..."

 The reaction to their satisfaction when they came to pick
 up the Bug was reflected in his wife's tears for the happy
 smile on her husband's face as he sat in his Dad's '69 VW.

A.I.R Upholstery                               Full Service Upholstery                             (719) 495-0509

Completed Door Panel
    New door panels are cut and upholstered.
Back sidewall panel
        Passenger side upholstered side wall.
New back bench installed
    Back bench view from the passenger door.
Speaker Storage Deck
    Custom deck with storage compartment.
VW Bucket Seat
        Front bucket seat is re-upholstered.
Installed VW Bucket Seats
       Both front bucket seats are installed.

                                  Servicing the Upholstery Needs of ALL Things Upholstered! 

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