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Before Chevy Truck Bench
                  Before photo of 1980 Chevy truck bench seat.
Chevy Truck Seat
          Custom designed and re-upholstered Chevy Truck Bench.

 Metal Frame Refurbishment
Refurbished metal bench frame
       A top to bottom refurbishment on this Chevy metal bench frame.
Metal frame weld repair
   Cracked metal frame.
Bench seat frame with 3 stress cracks
    Broken support rail. Busted metal rail
  Complete Separation.
            Weld Repairs
Metal frame weld repair

      Metal is welded and repaired.

Opposite side tack weld
     Opposite side is tack welded.

         Upholstery Services for  
Designer and Residential Furniture    Commercial Seating    Automotive and Boat Interiors    

       From Cigarette Burns to Interior Fire                       Complete Automotive Interior Restoration

Interior Fire Damage
        A Chevy caught fire in the back seat with 911 response.
Fire Damaged Lumina Interior
  Fire, smoke and water damage.
Melted fabric on drivers back
   Melted fabric on driver's back.
 Charred and Melted Headliner
           Melted Car Interior.
Broken Frame on Driver's Seat
  Driver's back seat was broken.

       Processing Restoration
Complete Interior Removed
     Complete removal of interior.

              Carpet and Pad
Carpet and Back Seat Bench Installed
   New carpet, pad and back bench.

               New Headliner
New Headliner
   New shell and headliner installed.

               Interior Trim
Dyed to Match Interior Color
   Vinyl dye on interior trim pieces.

       Bucket Seat Installation
Installing Front Bucket
        Installing passenger seat.

            Back Bench Installed
Restored Back Bench
      After photo of the back seat.

          Door and Side Panels
Back Bench Installed
     Back seat with new seat belts.

           Interior Restored
Fully Restored Lumina Interior
      Chevy's interior is restored.

     Automotive Upholstery          Advanced Interior Restoration and Upholstery                           (719) 495-0509
                                                                                                                                               Visit our Fabric Gallery here:   Auto Fabrics

          Classic Car Interior Restoration
Restored Ranchero Interior
     1973 Ranchero split-back bench seat, in suede and vinyl.
Old door panel removed
 Door panel is removed.
Upholstered door panel
The original panel skin.
Upholstered panels installed
  New design on doors.
Ranchero Carpet Installation
     New pad and carpet is installed.
Ranchero Split-Back Bench Seat
   Custom upholstered split-back.

  Fleet Interior Maintenance Needs?                                                                                Call Us... Monday-Friday 9-5 
              Work Truck Interior Maintenance
Re-Upholstered Ford Ranger Bench
    Re-upholstered 2001 Ford Ranger Truck Bench with Headrests.
Before shot of a truck bench
  The original bench seat cover.
Seat and back foam repaired
      Repaired truck bench foam.
Damaged foam on driver's seat
    Damaged drivers seat foam.
Bench back patterning
        Truck seat on the bench.

     Boat Upholstery                                                                            We're able to quote labor and material on Coupes to Classics,
     RV and Motor Home                                                                    Motorcycle Seats to Roadsters with a few pictures. Click Here

       Browse our Auto Fabrics Gallery, where you'll find a wide variety of automotive cloth fabrics, leather, vinyl, carpets, and headliners for all your
      automotive, RV and Camper interior needs.

          Custom Channeled Dodge Truck Seat
Channeled-top vinyl bench seat
Re-upholstered 1990 Dodge D150 Truck.
Before Bench Seat
     Before Dodge Bench Seat.
Before Bench Back
      Before Dodge Back Seat.
After Bench Seat
     After Dodge Bench Seat.
After Bench Back
     Re-upholstered Dodge Seat.

    Coupes and Classics                 Automotive Interior Restorations                    (719) 495-0509

 The beginning of the restoration
Seats and carpet are removed.
Imagine the before shot prior to being painted
      1946 Fully Restored Chevrolet Stylemaster Coupe.
The floor has been repaired and carpeted
    Floor is prepared and carpeted.

Rusted and stained through and through
             Before photo of stains and interior rust.
Restored bench seat, carpet and door panel
  Upholstered, door panel and new carpet.
Close up of Bench Seat
         Close up of Re-Upholstered Coupe Seat.

Driver's side back completed
           Back seat view of restored interior.
Rotted headliner, panels and back seat
         From any condition...
Upholstered sidewalls and headliner
    Passenger back view with new window trim.

             Custom Interior Restoration                                                         Send photos of your car, truck or kit car HERE

Custom Upholstered
     1978 Fairmont upholstery color change.
Front seat bench
   Re-upholstered front and back bench seats.
Installed Door Panel
  Restored door panels with original armrest.

          Classics Interior Restoration                                                       Affordable Automotive Upholstery and Interior Repairs,
                                                                                                                                                     Seats, Headliners, Panels and Carpets.

Custom Upholstered Buckets                   Need an upholstery quote on your car?              Call us (719) 495-0509 or  Send a photo
Bucket Seats for the 'Rock Crawler'
  Hi-density molded foam in buckets.
Style, fabric and color change
         1967 Chevelle Interior Restoration.
Camo Top Panel
   Camouflage fabric and green vinyl on bench.

   Boat Upholstery                                    Interior Restoration of Classics, Kits and Show Cars. Original and Custom Designed.
   Visit our Fabric gallery here:  
Auto Fabrics                                                          A.I.R. Upholstery LLC       (719) 495-0509
    Carpet Installation
Automotive Carpet Installation
    New Auto Carpet Installations.
     Automotive Re-Upholstery
Re-Upholstered Bucket Seats
           Custom Automotive Re-Upholstery.
     Interior Seat Kits Installed
Ready-made seat kit installation
      Complete Interior Seat Kit Installations.
   Monday - Friday 9:00 - 5:00                                    A.I.R. Upholstery L.L.C.                                               CONTINUE>>

A.I.R. Upholstery                           Advanced Interior Restoration and Upholstery                 (719) 495-0509


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