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KEY, FSN140-Arrowhead           $19.20/yd

KEY, FSN120-Oatmeal                $19.20/yd

KEY, FSN130-Sahara                   $19.20/yd

KEY, FSN380-Pewter                  $19.20/yd

KEY, FSN170-Chocolate             $19.20/yd

KEY, FSN110-Earth                      $19.20/yd

KEY, FSN200-Sage                     $19.20/yd

KEY, FSN150-Brunswick           $19.20/yd

KEY, FSN410-Coal                       $19.20/yd

KEY, FSN390-Graphite               $19.20/yd

KEY, FSN160-Oregon                 $19.20/yd

KEY, FSN400-Hurricane             $19.20/yd

KEY, FSN310-Academy              $19.20/yd

KEY, FSN320-Cosmo                  $19.20/yd

KEY, FSN340-Herron                  $19.20/yd

KEY, FSN300-Marine                  $19.20/yd

KEY, FSN350-Navy                      $19.20/yd

KEY, FSN220-Heather                $19.20/yd

KEY, FSN290-Nova                      $19.20/yd

KEY, FSN360-Midnight               $19.20/yd

KEY, FSN280-Cranberry            $19.20/yd

KEY, FSN230-Red                        $19.20/yd

KEY, FSN180-Cabernet              $19.20/yd

KEY, FSN240-Maroon                 $19.20/yd

KEY, FSN260-Grape                    $19.20/yd

KEY, FSN250-Red Rose             $19.20/yd

KEY, FSN270-Welch                    $19.20/yd

Automotive Leather/Vinyl:

OST460 Ostrich-Peanut Brittle $22.10/yd

OST300 Ostrich-Tan                  $22.10/yd

OST100 Ostrich-Black               $22.10/yd

OST461 Ostrich-Saddle            $22.10/yd

OST330 Ostrich-Mushroom      $22.10/yd

OST650 Ostrich-Grey                $22.10/yd

OST390 Ostrich-Cocoa             $22.10/yd

OST622 Ostrich-Shale              $22.10/yd

OST922 Ostrich-Snow              $22.10/yd

PER640 Perth-Aluminum         $23.55/yd

PER330 Perth-Blue                    $23.55yd

PER207 Perth-Pearl                   $23.55/yd

OST710 Ostrich-Torch Fire       $22.10/yd

PER912 Perth-Absolute White  $23.55/yd

OST459 Ostrich-Burgundy        $22.10/yd

ADX100 Aspen-Black               $16.54/yd

ADX400 Summit-Black            $16.54/yd

ADX540 Denali- Dk. Slate        $16.54/yd

ADX200 Yukon-Black                $16.54/yd

ADX500 Denali-Black               $16.54/yd

ADX525 Denali-Graphite           $16.54/yd

ADX300 Alpine-Black              $16.54/yd

ADX530 Denali-Charcoal Black $16.54/yd

ADX520 Denali-Med. Flint        $16.54/yd

ADX515 Denali-Smoke             $16.54/yd

ADX560 Denali-Med. Camel     $16.54/yd

ADX575 Denali-Dk. Saddle      $16.54/yd

ADX595 Denali-Maroon            $16.54/yd

ADX510 Denali-Lt. Titanium     $16.54/yd

ADX570 Denali-Lt. Cashmere   $16.54/yd

ADX550 Denali-Brown             $16.54/yd

ADX545 Denali-Dk. Blue          $16.54/yd

ADX580 Denali-Med. Stone      $16.54/yd

ADX565 Denali-Rawhide           $16.54/yd

ADX585 Denali-Coffee Bean     $16.54/yd

ADX555 Denali-Evergreen        $16.54/yd

CIR200-Black                             $17.80/yd

CIR220-Charcoal                       $17.80/yd

CIR280-Titanium                        $17.80/yd

CIR290-Dk. Grey                         $17.80/yd

CIR230-Med. Graphite               $17.80/yd

CIR210-Med. Flint                      $17.80/yd

CIR270-Grey                               $17.80/yd

CIR250-Lt. Graphite                    $17.80/yd

CIR240-Med. Camel                   $17.80/yd

CIR320-Lt. Parchment               $17.80/yd

CIR110-Grape                            $17.80/yd

CIR140-Claret                            $17.80/yd

CIR120-Orange                          $17.80/yd

CIR310-Med. Parchment            $17.80/yd

CIR165-Regimental Blue            $17.80/yd

CIR170-Paprika                         $17.80/yd

CIR260-White Storm                  $17.80/yd

CIR300-Tan                                 $17.80/yd

CIR125-Evergreen                      $17.80/yd

CIR135-Red                                 $17.80/yd

CIR145-White                             $17.80/yd


Cutpile-801 Black                     $35.99/yd

Cutpile-903 Mist Gray               $35.99/yd

Cutpile-897 Charcoal               $35.99/yd

Cutpile-8500 White                   $35.99/yd

Cutpile-901 Silver Fern            $35.99/yd

Cutpile-7701 Graphite              $35.99/yd

Cutpile-827 Grey                      $35.99/yd

Cutpile-852 Silver                     $35.99/yd

Cutpile-826A Titanium              $35.99/yd

Cutpile-7550 Dark Briar Brown $35.99/yd

Cutpile-820 Saddle                  $35.99/yd

Cutpile-2005 Hugger Orange    $35.99/yd

Cutpile-810 Brown                    $35.99/yd

Cutpile-850 Chamboise            $35.99/yd

Cutpile-4645 Mandarin Orange $35.99/yd

Cutpile-906 Sandstone/Camel  $35.99/yd

Cutpile-7288 Cinnabar              $35.99/yd

Cutpile-1999 Power Pumpkin   $35.99/yd

Cutpile-2947A Red                   $35.99/yd

Cutpile-1998 Royal Purple        $35.99/yd

Cutpile-8791 Metallic Blue       $35.99/yd

Cutpile-4305 Oxblood              $35.99/yd

Cutpile-2004 Electric Blue        $35.99/yd

Cutpile-802 Blue                      $35.99/yd

Cutpile-825 Maroon                  $35.99/yd

Cutpile-812 Royal Blue             $35.99/yd

Cutpile-657 Blue Green             $35.99/yd

Cutpile-808 Turquoise             $35.99/yd

Cutpile-2003 Limelite Green     $35.99/yd

Cutpile-849 Jade Green           $35.99/yd

Cutpile-2000 Chrome Yellow    $35.99/yd

Cutpile-859 Lt. Jade Green       $35.99/yd

Cutpile-2001 Flaming Fuchsia  $35.99/yd

CPT501-Black                          $30.71/yd

CPT506-Blue                            $30.71/yd

CPT517-Dk. Green                    $30.71/yd

CPT521-Dk. Saddle                   $30.71/yd

CPT557-Lt. Gunmetal               $30.71/yd

CPT522-Lt. Blue                       $30.71/yd

CPT525-Maroon                        $30.71/yd

CPT511-Saddle                        $30.71/yd

CPT540-Dk. Blue                      $30.71/yd

CPT508-Turquoise                    $30.71/yd

CPT565-Bright Red                  $30.71/yd

CPT571-Fawn                           $30.71/yd

1201-Black                                $46.67/yd

1211-Midnight Black                 $46.67/yd

1265-Mocha                              $46.67/yd

1263-Purple                             $46.67/yd

1207-Graphite                           $46.67/yd

1220-Med. Oak                          $46.67/yd

1245-Dk. Navy                           $46.67/yd

1277-Mercedes Grey                 $46.67/yd

1211-Lexus Beige                     $46.67/yd

Loop 01-Black                          $39.99/yd

Loop 42-Silver Mink                 $39.99/yd

Loop 32-Dark Gold                   $39.99/yd

Loop 35-Charcoal                    $39.99/yd

Loop 18-Silver                          $39.99/yd

Loop 20-Gold                            $39.99/yd

Loop 22-Gunmetal Grey           $39.99/yd

Tuxedo 1067-Fawn                    $39.99/yd

Loop 10-Dark Brown                 $39.99/yd

Loop 34-Orange                       $39.99/yd

Loop 02-Red                            $39.99/yd

Loop 23-Rose Beige                 $39.99/yd

Loop 03-Emberglow                 $39.99/yd

Loop 41- Medium Red              $39.99/yd

Loop 40-Plum                          $39.99/yd

Loop 37-Coral                           $39.99/yd

Loop 13-Maroon                       $39.99/yd

Loop 29-Midnight Blue             $39.99/yd

Loop 17-Bright Blue                 $39.99/yd

Loop 45-Green                         $39.99/yd


Loop 16-Shade 13-Blue             $39.99/yd

Loop 38-Light Green                 $39.99/yd

Loop 06-Ford Blue                   $39.99/yd

Loop 14-Moss Green                $39.99/yd

WEH1559 Black

WEH2001 Graphite

WEH1891 Titanium

WEH1939 Midnight

WEH2076 Med. Graphite

WEH1927 Lt. Titanium

WEH1883 Dk. Grey

WEH2005 Med. Grey

WEH1913 Lt. Quartz

WEH1769 Charcoal

WEH1690 Dk Blue

WEH1902 Bordeaux

WEH1904 Lt. Charcoal

WEH1790 Blue

WEH1998 Dk Ruby Red

WEH1908 Crystal Blue

WEH2187 Regal Blue

WEH2030 Ruby Red

WEH1932 Dk Red

WEH2040 Oak

WEH2127 Saddle Tan

WEH1872 Scarlet

WEH2183 Lt Oak

WEH1711 Doeskin

WEH1811 Med Beige

WEH2207 Mild Beige

WEH2144 Shale

WEH2224 Lt Parchment

WEH1625 Off White

WEH1600 White
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