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     1999 Glastron Interior Restoration                           Advanced Interior Restoration and Upholstery

Top View Completed Glastron
        1999 Glastron GS225-BR Boat Interior Restoration.
Restored 1999 Glastron
            Restored Glastron Upholstery with Snap Carpet.

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Before Open Bow
               Front Bow View.
Before Pedestal Seat
            Pedestal Front View.
Before Backside Pedestal
             Pedestal Back View.
Before Glastron Interior
          Sun Deck Forward View.

  The above photos are of a 1999 Glastron 22 foot open bow, that had suffered the ravages of exposure to the elements. It would require a complete
  restorative package. The wood frames and foam would be repaired, refurbished or replaced as needed. New foam and new marine vinyl and artistic
  license to update the original look of the boat. The series of photos below are the progression of this boat's restoration.

         The Job Begins
Bow cushion removal
   Bow seating frames taken off.
Bow rails being removed
  Bow back rest frames removed.
Everything is removed
         Boat is power vacuumed.
Boat is cleaned
  The boat is thoroughly cleaned.

     Upholstery Begins
New bow panel on the bench
   Bow back rest is cut and sewn.
Bow cushion being upholstered
  Bow cushion being upholstered.
Bow cushions complete
   Bow cushions ready for install.
Re-upholstered Port Bow Cushion
   View of starboard bow cushion.

   'Before' Bow Cushions

Port Bow Cushion
    Original port bow cushion, base and rail.
Center Bow Cushion
         Original center bow seat cushion.
Starboard Bow Cushion
    Original starboard cushion, base and rail.

   'After' Bow Cushions

Port side cushion and back panel
 Re-upholstered port cushion, base and rail.
Re-upholstered bow center cushion
   Re-upholstered center bow seat cushion.
New port side rail
  Re-upholstered starboard cushion and rail.

       Bow Section Completed
Back panel rail end
        Close-up photo of installed bow rail.
Installed bow cushions
          Re-upholstered bow seat cushions.
Port side view of bow
      Top view of port side upholstered bow.

          Pedestal Seat Upholstery
Before Glastron Pedestal
  Upholstery works, no matter what conditions a seat comes in..
 Captain and Passenger Seats  Upholstering Pedestal Seat Base
        Pedestal seat upholstery.

Pedestal Upholstered
Captain's Chair is upholstered.
      Boat Seat Upholstery
Pedestal back pattern fitting
    Seat and back insert test fit.

Re-upholstered pedestal seats
  Re-upholstered Pedestal Seats.

   Complete and Installed Passenger Seat                             Complete and Installed Captain's

Front view installed passenger pedestal
      Front view of port side seat, upholstered side rail and carpet.
Installed Captain's Pedestal
  Forward view of Captain's seat outside back, rails and bow carpet.

      Upholstered Side Panels

Upholstered Side Rails
    Side rails are upholstered to coordinate the upholstered seating.
Installed side rails
 Installed starboard side wall panel and upholstered lower storage.

Installing side rails
   Removal of original side panel.
Side rails removed
       Removal exposed dry rot.
Original panel frame
      Mold thrives in rotted wood.
Shaping new side panel frames
     New wood is cut and shaped.
            Back Bench and Sun Deck
Before back bench and deck
     Upholstered rear deck with bench seat.
Back deck upholstery
  The sun deck vinyl has all but disappeared.
Glastron Back Deck
   Sun deck lifts to open as the engine cover.

        Back Bench Original Seat Cushions                              Re-upholstered Back End Bench Cushions
Damage patterns
  The original rear seat bench experience some severe hail damage.
Upholstered back benc cushions
        Re-upholstered rear bench side seats ready to be installed.

              Rear Bench Cushions                                                        Installed in the Boat

Completed rear bench seat cushions
   Center seat cushion is upholstered and fitted with side cushions.
Installed rear seat bench
        The re-upholstered rear storage bench seats are installed.

            Sun Deck Production
Sewing the sun deck design pattern
      Sun deck patterns are cut and sewn.
Sewing the patterns for sun deck
       Inspecting seams and squared match.
Pattern layout for sun deck
   Setting the sewn cover to be upholstered.
Rear back cushion patterning
    Patterning the rear bench back cushion.
Sewn rear bench back panel
     Sewn back cover ready for upholstery.
Upholstered back bench back
     The bench back rest is upholstered.
Sewn pattern for sun deck
  Close up of 4 inserts sewn to pattern deck.
Completed sun deck and back
   Upholstered integrated sun deck and back.
Installed Sun Deck
     Installed deck and back on bench frame.

        Aft View of the Completed Glastron
Completed rear bench seat cushions
    Re-upholstered sun deck, integrated back rest and storage bench.

            Overview of Installed Sun Deck
Custom upholstered sun deck
    The snap back carpet is installed and this boat interior is restored.

     AIR Upholstery                      Advanced Interior Restoration and Upholstery                    (719) 495-0509
                                                                                              Hours: Monday - Friday 9:00 - 5:00


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