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  Full Service Custom Upholstery Workshop
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     Restaurant Upholstery Services           A.I.R. Upholstery LLC                   Hours: Mon-Fri 9-5    Contact Us Here
                            From an Empty Space...
Expansion Site
                                    ...To a Dining Experience
Custom Booths and Chairs

     A Restaurant's Expansion

The existing service counter
   Original counter and dining area.
The Space Next Door
     The North wall to be removed.
South Wall
     The South wall for new booths.
The Front Windows
   Front windows and door entrance.

New Dining Chair Frames
16 New Chair Frames
           New chair frames.
Seat tops are removed
    Seats bases are removed.
New seat foam
        Foam is cut for each.
Air holes are drilled
   Breather holes are drilled.
First seat is upholstered
       First seat is upholstered.

  Custom Built Booth Bases
Base Frame
  Single base is constructed.
Frame is smoothed
      Edges are smoothed.
Base is Upholstered
  Toe-kick base upholstered.
Upholstered with glides
   With wood floor glides.
Booth seat panels to be sewn
   Patterns are ready to sew.

    Custom Booth Production 
Reviewing the Floor plan
       A final check of booth seats and floor plan prior to production.
Spring base is ready for foam
  Spring base is decked.
The booth seat is upholstered
  Completed booth seat.
Booth seat cover is sewn
  The seat cover is sewn.
Seat is set on the base
      Upholstered base.
Seat is upholstered
    Seat is upholstered.
Back fabric panels are cut
   Back is ready to sew.

Single and Double Booths
Booth back is applied
     The sewn back is upholstered.
Double is set on base
   A complete custom double booth.
Two doubles are upholstered
   Another double is ready for base.
As completed
  Singles and Doubles as completed.

  Custom Corner Booth
Building the corner booth
      Building a corner frame.
Left facing frame
   Booth seat base and back.
Booth seat spring base
      Curve seat is decked.
Right facing corner
  Curved back is upholstered.
Corner booth ready for delivery
  Custom made corner booth.

Delivery and Installation
Packed and stacked delivery truck
         We are are ready for delivery.
Unpacking the table tops
              The installation begins.
Booths and chairs are delivered
      Booths, chairs and table bases.
The new space
   The walk-thru and service counter.

    Restaurant Expansion
Installed Corner Booth
     The custom made corner booth is installed.
Custom Booths and Chairs
    The chairs are staged, booths and tables set.
Booths placed with tables
    Booths are installed for front window seating.

Corner Booth Cap
        Corner booth top cap against the wall.
Window Valance
       Beautiful India valances from Nova Haat.
Valance Window Topper
         The finished view of the new dining area.

        Restaurant Booth Repairs
       Restaurant Booth Seat Re-Upholstery
Torn vinyl on restaurant booth seat
          Torn vinyl on a booth bench seat. 
      Upholstery Production Workshop
Re-upholstered booth seat
             Re-upholstered booth seat bench. 
            Restaurant Booth Restoration
Re-upholstered and Installed
   Re-upholstered and installed looking like new.

The interior seating conditions of a business is really importance to the aesthetic opinion of patrons. Sitting at a table where the upholstered
       vinyl has been torn and worn is uncomfortable to touch, sit on it or lean against.
Restaurant booth re-upholstery seat maintenance and repair
       service is fast, affordable and pleasing to your customers. Our crew comes prepared and works before or after your business hours.

 Restaurant Upholstery Maintenance

Damaged and Taped Booth Seat
    Damaged curved seat.
Close up of taped seat
    Yes, that's purple duct tape on a purple seat.
Re-upholstered quarter round seat
    Re-upholstered on-site and finished before the morning rush.

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        Browse our Contract Fabrics and our Leather and Vinyl Galleries to search for a fabric that meets your upholstering needs.

    Booth Frame Repairs
Quarter Round Booth Bench
  Broke booth frame, spring and rail.
Broken Spring Base Board
   Spring rail has broken from frame.
Close Up Frame Damage
    Close up view of damaged rail.
New Rail Cut and Installed
       New rail is cut and installed.

No Sag Springs Repaired
    Springs repaired and installed.
Burlap Decking is Applied
   Deck secured with burlap decking.
New Vinyl is Ready to Cut.
    New vinyl is ready for new cover.
New Seat Cover is Placed
      New cover is sewn and applied.

Repaired and Re-Upholstered
  Upholstery is secured tight to the back rail.
Top Stitched Seams
          Top-stitched and relief cut for smooth fit.
Ready for Installation
   Quarter Round seat and base is restored.

    Original Booth Restoration
Original Booth Spring Base
        Straight booth seat springs.
Booth Seats on the Bench
        Four bench seats for repair.
Original Seat Cotton
      Cotton batting in bench seats.
Springs Repaired
  Springs in their proper assembly.

New Burlap is Trimmed
    Burlap deck applied to complete spring base.
New Cover is Set in Place
     Cover is sewn and applied over foam to seat.
Re-Upholstered Booth Seat
       Re-upholstered bench seat is complete.

    Restaurant Upholstery Services                                Contract Upholstery Production Workshop
Custom Made Restaurant Booths
     Custom built-to-match existing single and double booth frames.
Double Booth Frame
     Frame seat base is upholstered.
Hand stapled with air
     New booth seat cover is placed.
Seat Cover Application
         Seat cover is upholstered.
Inside Back and Seat
       Seat is set in place with back.

            A.I.R. Upholstery provides custom built booth frames for restaurant expansion or restoration. Custom upholstered seating booths to
            match existing, or custom designed built and upholstered banquettes. Custom made and upholstered bar rails, counter walls, gaming
            tables, benches, chairs or bar stools. Click on the link to our
Business Furniture Page shows a series of before, during and after photos
            of our custom upholstery work.

   Custom Built Single Booths
Completed Single Booth
    Side profile view of installed single booth.
  Doubles, Corners and Curved
Doubles Profile
   Side profile view of installed double booth.
 Channel, Shell and Flat Backs
Topside Profile
    Completed and installed custom booths.

As restaurant owners know, public seating takes a beating. How the frame is made, how foam is applied and the application of the materials
      are subject to the longevity. Fabrics that stretch will not last as long as folks need to scoot over. The proper application of a fabrics 'stretch',
      known attributes of fabric content to extend the durability and prevent wear. Fabric choice provides an important aspect to re-upholstery.

           A.I.R. Upholstery, LLC                                For your convenience we're able to provide an estimate of cost
(719) 495-0509                                            and material yardage with photos and dimensions. Send Photos

  Browse our Contract Fabrics and our Leather and Vinyl Galleries to search for a fabric that meets your upholstering needs.

     Bench and Banquette Re-Upholstery 
Taped Booth Bench
          Damaged and taped corner booth seat.
Taped Banquette Seat
    Original vinyl is removed from the substrate.
Original Vinyl is Removed
        Foam and frame is inspected for damage.
New Vinyl is Cut
          New vinyl is patterned and cut to fit.
Patterns are Sewn
  New seat top and end panel is sewn together.
Booth Seat is Re-Upholstered
      The new bench seat cover is re-upholstered.

          Custom Made or Re-upholstered Booths, Benches and Banquettes.           On our Restaurant Seating you'll find a series of photos
          Dining Chairs, Bar Stools, Upholstered Rails, Base Units and Walls.                     of before, during and after upholstery productions.

                 Re-Upholstered Banquette Seating
Re-upholstered Banquette Seat
          Re-Upholstered banquette ready for trim rail finish.
        Built-In Seating, Banquettes and Wall Mounts
Wood Trim Rail is Attached
bench is complete with wood trim rail replaced.

There are so many reasons and benefits to re-upholstering an establishment's original seating, especially if the frames are from past
          quality manufacturers. Custom upholstery starts from the frame up. Back to original or custom as creative minds can design. We can
          refurbish, re-upholster, restore it - even make one to match.

                                                                                                                                            Send us specs for your upholstery project.
     Restaurant Patio Canvas                                                                         
Hours: 9:00 - 5:00 Mon-Fri
Patio Canvas Broken Zipper
         Torn zipper of a screened patio canvas.
Zipper is Repaired
         Zipper is sewn back to canvas panel. 
Screens to be Replaced
   Screens were to be replaced with clear vinyl.
  Screen Replacement and Clear Vinyl Windows
Screens Replaced with Clear Viny;
           Patio Awnings and Canvas Doors
Canvas Patio Panels

     When original fabric is no longer available and the furniture does not need to be fully re-upholstered, we'll suggest options to refurbish rough
      spots. The arms and seats are usually the most vulnerable, so we work to keep the re-upholstery and repairs affordable. If business seating
      needs attended to
send a few photos, with measurements and we'll able to establish a labor and materials quote right away.

   Hours: Monday - Friday 9:00 - 5:00
                                                                                                Continue to Restaurant Seating>>

    A.I.R. Upholstery                     Advanced Interior Restoration and Upholstery
                  (719) 495-0509

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