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    Upholstery & Upholstery Repairs

 Full Service Custom Upholstery Workshop
   Black Forest, CO 80908  719-495-0509

   Furniture - Auto - Business - Boat - Aircraft

      A dog's best friend.... is the local Upholsterer!
Digging for her ball
                       While scratching for her ball - under the sofa...
Front leather panel is restored
                The after photo of the repaired leather sofa front band panel.

Seat deck is removed
 Attached cushion deck is removed.
Damaged panel is removed
 Torn panel is replaced with leather.
Seat cushions are re-wrapped
       Seat cushions are re-wrapped.
Leather panel is replaced
    Panel is ready to be upholstered.

   The dogs ate our sectional...
Chewed upon sectional
      Sectional base corner was eaten by the dog...
Another section
                          Chewed on this one....
The inside back was torn
          ....and tore the suede on the inside back.
Leather is removed
         The leather is removed from the frame.
Leather panel is repaired
         New leather band panel is cut and sewn.
New  corner is placed
               And ready to be re-upholstered.

Single Armless is Complete
           The single arm sections are ready.
Repaired corner panel
  Corner panel is repaired and re-upholstered.
Facing Left Arm Sectional
Suede is sewn and the piece is re-upholstered.

     A cat's friend, too... 
Cat Scratch Damage
     Considerable cat claw damage on sofa arm.
Cat claw mark in panel foam
    Cat claw print in the foam of sofa arm panel.
Damaged arm is removed
                Damaged arm panel is removed.

Arm sleeve panels are sewn
             Arm sleeve is sewn back together.
Applying the repaired arm sleeve
      Repaired sofa arm band is set into place.
Cat Damage Repaired
Outside arm is upholstered, the sofa is restored.

   ...and the dog that ate the Jeep Seats.... 
Dog eaten leather Jeep seat
      Leather seats were chewed by the dog.
Back seat damage
          Both backs, center and the headrest.
Damaged back seat foam
            Back seat foam was also damaged.

Foam is Repaired
  Foam is cut to fit damaged area.
Damaged panel is patterned
   With new vinyl the pattern is cut.
New panels are sewn to cover
      Panels are sewn to seat cover.
Seat back is re-upholstered
   Repaired cover is re-upholstered.

Repaired seat is installed
                              The repaired back bench seat is installed.
Headrest is repaired and installed
          The headrest that was also eaten, is re-upholstered and restored.

         Broken Frame Rails

Rail is broken from spring base
  Ottoman frame rail has broken.
Ottoman is webbed and rail repaired
     Rail is repaired and webbed.
Dust Cover is Replaced
          Dustcover is applied.
Repaired Ottoman
             Ottoman is restored.

          Furniture Moving Damage

Movers scuff damage on velvet chair
      Movers scuffed the welt and side panel.
Damaged panel is replaced
    Replaced damaged area with new fabric.
Repaired Velvet Chair
 Chair is repaired and returned - good as new.

        On-Site Restaurant Booth Repairs 
Repaired Outside Curve Bench
New Seat Panel is Re-upholstered and Installed.
Double Booth Seat Repair
  Bench seat is removed.
On-Site Seat Upholstery Replacement
          On-site repairs.
On-site Upholstery
 Curved seat is removed.
New Foam and Foam Repair
   Seat foam is repaired.
Tear in vinyl booth seat
    Noticeable tear on bench seat.
Repaired Booth Seats
          Repaired booth seats.

    Broken Springs and Spring Wire
Broken Spring Wire
 Broken spring wire used with no sag springs.
   Crack and Torn Vinyl Replacement
Cracked Vinyl
    Cracked and torn vinyl on therapy table.
     Wood Frame Knot Hole Repairs
Rail broken at knot
  Inferior furniture frame wood replacement.

Car Seat Repairs 

Split Driver's Seat Insert
       Toyota driver's seat split insert seam.
Close up of Split Seam
            Close-up of split seat insert panels.
Toyota Seat is Repaired
             Seat is repaired and ready to install.

        Automotive Seat Frame Repairs
Repaired Lariet Driver's Seat Broken spring
      Suspended spring system.

  New flange is applied to frame.

      Spring hook pulled through.

 Re-enforced with nylon support.

Frame Repairs

Busted Scab
Wood scabbed onto broken rail.
Stapled scabbed rail
Which failed to support.
Broken Center Rail
Poor choice of wood used.
Correct Rail Repair
Scabbed 'proper' and repaired.

     New Foam and Fabrics
Torn Vinyl
     Old and exposed cotton batting.

   Industry Proper Materials
Broken frame rail and cardboard
   Actual cardboard box was used.

   New Foam Replacement
Foam Replacement
      Old foam with mildew stains.

            Repair or Replace
Leg Repair
   Wood furniture repairs.

    A.I.R. Upholstery                     Advanced Interior Restoration and Upholstery                      (719) 495-0509
                                                                                         Hours: Monday - Friday 9:00 - 5:00

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