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     Black ForestCO 80908  (719) 495-0509
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  Bar Stool Upholstery    Fabric Gallery:  Contract Fabric   Leather and Vinyl   Upholstery Fabrics                A.I.R. Upholstery, LLC
Original Barstool Tops
    Original vinyl on chrome bases.
New vinyl for stool tops
   The new vinyl is cut for four tops.
Bar Stool Upholstery
    Vinyl is upholstered and trimmed.
Re-Upholstered Bar Stool
    New cushion is installed on base.
4 Barstools
    Original barstools in light beige.
Original Vinyl is Removed
    Tops are removed from drums.
Re-Upholstered Bar Stools
   Four re-upholstered stools tops.
Tops Installed on Stool Bases
       Installed and ready to return.

Loose Cushions for Bar Stools
             Loose seat cushions with tie-backs.
Box Arm Bar Stool
   Box arm with full back bar stool in red leather.
Embossed Leather Bar Stool
          Metallic embossed leather bar stool.

Custom Barstools
              Re-upholstered Barstools in Football Fan's Favorite Team's Colors.
      New Seat Foam
New seat foam
     New hi-density seat foam.

        Custom Made
New cover is sewn
  Orange welt on blue cushion.
       Custom Designed
Placing orange cover
      New cover is applied
    Custom Upholstered
Re-upholstered Barstool
  Re-upholstered round seat.

      Metal Frame Man Cave Bar Stools 
Metal Bar Stool Frame
    Metal Barstool Frames were brought to us for custom upholstery.
Upholstered Bar Stool
    The first of four custom upholstered barstools for Bill's Man Cave.

     Wood Frame Design

Frame Manufacturing
    Custom designed back frame.
Custom Made Back Frame
  Designed to fit on squared frame.
Seat and Back Frame
    Enables the perfect back pitch.
Framed Barstools
   Seat and back frames on stools.
Frame to be webbed
       Designed for seat webbing.
Webbed Seat Frame
  Seat frame deck is sling webbed.
Back Foam Appliication
       Back frame foam is applied.
Back Frame Upholstery
     Back frame being upholstered.

    Custom Designed and Upholstered

Back and Seat Upholstered
       Carbon Fiber is the material of choice.
Upholstering Seat and Back
       Seat and back frames on the work table.
Seat is Upholstered
          Stages of Upholstery Production.
Aeat and Back Upholstered
   Frames are upholstered and ready to install.
Seat Upholstered and Installed
          The upholstered seat is installed.
Installed Upholstered Frame
       Upholstered back and seat is installed.

             Quality Upholstery Workmanship

Close up of finished back
   The back's side panel is cut to be sewn to match the diagonal stripe.
Closeup of Carbon Fibre
    Close up view of the seat designed to wrap around the seat frame.

Close up of barstools
     Custom upholstered man cave barstools.
Three Finished Stools
   Set of 4 completed and inspected Bar Stools.
Four Completed Barstools
                    Being Readied for Delivery.

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