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     Chair Refinishing and Re-Upholstery 
Original Flair Arm Chair
  Original flared roll arm chair to be re-finished.
Wood trim is re-finished
  Scrolled wood trim is removed and re-finished.
Refinished wood trim is installed
          Chair is assembled upholstery begins.

Upholstering roll arm
  Inside arm and fabric is applied.
Chair is insided with new fabric
     Chair is insided with seat deck.
Cushion is sewn together
  Cushion is sewn and foam placed.
Re-upholstered Flair Arm
     Placed into and checked for fit.

Original Fringed Pillow
         Pillows with fringe to be re-upholstered.
New fabric and fringe
          New pillow fabric with matching fringe.
Flair Arm Chair is Complete
  The pillow is placed on the flared armed chair.

      Cane Chair 
New fabric is rolled out
     New fabric on the cutting table.
New seat foam
   New foam is cut for seat cushion.
Coordinating fabrics
            Coordinate welt cording.
Coordinate welt is sewn to cushion
      Welt is sewn to cushion panel.
Original back cushion
        The original back cushion.
Back cushion is sewn
  The back cushion is sewn together.
Back cushion is filled
          The cushion is then filled.
Round Pillow
         A round pillow in contrast.

The cushion is placed on chair
          The seat cushion is placed in the chair.
The back cushion with buttons
      The back cushion is buttoned into placed.
Cane chair and pillow
  The cane chair and custom pillow is complete.

       Dining Room Chair Re-Upholstery
Dining Room Chairs
     Original Dining Chairs.
Original fabric is removed
  Dining chairs ready for re-upholstery.
Upholstering a seat
        Cut seat panel is upholstered.
New seat foam and wrap
   New seat foam is cut, wrap is added.
Dust cover is applied
    Seat cushions are placed on frame.
Cut to match patterns
     Patterned fabric is cut to match.     
Seats placed on frames
   Upholstered seats are set on frame.

Re-upholstered Dining Chairs
          Dining room chairs are re-upholstered in a random floral brocade.
Upholstering the back
  The back roll of the back cushion.
Upholstered chair backs
       Back inserts are upholstered.
Seats are upholstered
   Backs are ready to be installed.
Complete front and outside back
    Front and back of dining chairs.

     Swivel Rocker
Seat Base of Swivel Rocker
Original swivel rocker base.
The back with new fabric
   The back and new fabric.
Patterns are cut
 New fabric on cutting table.
Chair is insided
Inside chair is upholstered.
Outside back is applied
    New outside back panel.

Upholstered outside arm
               Side view of the swivel rocker.
The seat cushion with foam
             Seat cushion is cut, sewn and filled.
The panel skirt is applied
  The panel skirt with corner gussets is attached.

    Office Chair Re-Upholstery 

Leather Office Chair
               Original Office Chair.
Office chair scrapes and rub marks
    Scrapped and scuffed chair arm.
Scuff damage on the boxing
             Damaged seat boxing.
Tear in the arm.
    Torn leather on right facing arm.

Original leather is removed
Chair parts are re-upholstered in new leather.
Arms and seat are re-upholstered
     New leather seat and upholstered arms.
Re-Upholstered Leather Office Chair
   Office Chair is re-upholstered and restored.

    Wood Rocker Restoration 
Rocker and new hide
   Original rocker with new leather.
Cusshion is removed
  Cushion is removed from frame.
Straw and cotton batting
    Leather removal reveals straw.
Broken coil springs
 Broken Coil springs throughout.
Spring unit is removed
  Spring unit is removed from frame.
Seat frame is webbed
             Seat frame is webbed.
New seat foam
  New high density seat foam is cut.
Leather seat cushion is sewn
      Leather seat cushion is sewn.

Leather Rocker Restored
   Leather seat is installed with the back upholstered, trimmed with nails.
Attached box cushion with welt
   Leather cushion is upholstered.
Fancy nails are applied
   Inside back is finished with nails.
The back is upholstered
       Leather is upholstered to back.
Fancy nails trim the back
  Inside and outside back is trimmed.

   Seat Webbing 
Webbing the chair
    Chair is ready for new webbing.
Webbing is trimmed
         Nylon webbing is weaved.
Webbing is complete
          Seat base is webbed.
Set of webbed chairs
       Chairs ready for upholstery.
Vinyl is attached to seat
        Vinyl is applied to seat insert.
Fancy nails trim the seat
          Fancy nails are applied.
Nails are hammered into place
        And hammered into place.
Head to head fancy nail trim
  Head-to-head nails trim the seat.

Wood Chair Frame
    Frame is ready to be webbed.
New vinyl and foam
      Vinyl and foam are cut-to-fit.
Upholstered with fancy nail trim
      Seat and back are upholstered.
A  set of pullover seats
   Pullover seat are re-upholstered.

    Barrel Back Chair Set 
One of a set of barrel back chairs
       The original barrel chairs.
Second of set
     Side and back of second chair.
Original fabric is removed
    The original fabric is removed.
The frame is inspected
        The frames are inspected.

Round wood base
     The original wood round base.
Base is upholstered.
          Swivel base is updated.
Seat cushions are sewn and filled
         New seat cushions are sewn.
Fabric is draped over chair
   Coordinate chair fabric is draped.

Outside back is padded
     The outside back is padded with Dacron™
Outside back is upholstered
      Barrel chair is upholstered with new fabric.
Barrel chairs during production
   One chair is complete, the other on the bench.

                                   From Our Shop....
Re-upholstered Barrel Chairs
        The barrel chairs are complete and re-upholstered to match.
                                   ...To Your Home
Delivered and Installed Barrel Chairs
                    Delivered and set into their perspective space.

    Shell Back Armless Chair 
An original 50's shell back chair
   Shell Back Chair with fringe and Marshall unit seat springs.
Restored Shell Back Chair
        The Shell Back Chair with new seat foam, new fabric and new panel skirt.

Outside back is removed
      The outside back is removed.
A marshall spring unit
        Revealing a Marshall unit. 
Needs to be replaced
        The unit has deteriorated.
New nylon webbing is applied
          The back is re-webbed.
Antique Shell Back Chair
  Fabric is removed from the frame.
New fabric is cut and patterned
  Patterns cut from the new fabric.
Seat top panel is sewn
Welt is sewn to the seat top panel.
Shell back is re-upholstered
   New fabric is channeled on back.

Seat and front band are placed
       Seat base cushion is applied.
The outside back is upholstered
  The outside back is upholstered.
Cushion top, boxing and welt
   Seat cushion and pattern match.
Attaching the panel skirt
  The new skirt is sewn and applied.

   Wing Chair Re-Upholstery 
Before Wing Chair
    Original Wing Chair re-upholstered once before in Plaid Stripe.
Wing Chair is Complete
           Re-upholstered in large peacock and floral print fabric.

   Defining Quality Upholstery Craftsmanship...

Wood Touch-up and Stain
    The legs are touched-up and re-stained.
Original Fabric Upholstered Over
  Removal of green plaid reveals a 'go-over'.
Original fabric on outside wing
     Outside wing shows the original fabric.

Inside Wing of Gone-Over Upholstery
   Original plaid is removed.
Plaid removed to expose original
    Revealing original fabric.
All original fabric is removed
      All fabric is removed.
New fabric on cutting table
Seat panel is cut to pattern.

Chair is properly padded
  Seat deck is upholstered.

Outside arm is ready for Dacron
       The chair is insided.

Dacron is added to outside
  Polyester fiber is placed.
Outside arm is upholstered
     Outside is upholstered.
Close up of outside wing
   Close up of outside wing.
Wing Chair is Complete
     Chair is re-upholstered.

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