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Custom Made Cushions
   Custom Buttoned Lounger Cushion, two round pillows and tie-back seat pads.
        Custom Pillows
Round Pillow
  Round pillow is cut and sewn.

 Re-Upholstered Cushions
Sewn Cushion
     Lounger cushion is filled.
   Pillows Without Zippers
Filled Round Pillow
   Filled pillow ready to close.

    New Buttons Applied
Buttoned Cushion
Hand-tied tufted buttons.

Hand Sewing Pillow
     Pillows are hand-sewn closed.
2 New Round Pillows
    Round boxed with welt pillows.
Cushion Template
       Template used for seat pads.
New Seat Cushions
    Completed tie-back seat pads.

          Window Seat Cushions
New Cut Foam
   New cut-to-fit 4" window seat cushion foam.
Sewing the Top Cushion Panel
  Cushion is sewn with coordinated solid welt.
Custom Window Seat Cushion
  Complete and wrapped window seat cushion.

Custom Cushions, Seat Pads, and Pillows
Rocker cushion with ties
  Custom seat pad with ties, to coordinate with cushion and pillows.
Custom Cushion Set
             Made to match pillows with a new window seat cushion.

          Custom Seat Cushion 

New fabric for a custom made cushion
       Fabric is rolled out on the cutting table.
New poly wrapped seat foam
              New foam is cut and wrapped.
Cushion patterns are cut
               Fabric panels are measured and cut.
Confirming cushion finish size
    Boxed with welt cushion is sewn and filled.
Foam is placed into new cushion cover
   Quality check and finished size is confirmed.
Completed Custom Cushion
    Cushion is complete and ready for pick up.

       Custom Made Pillows 
Pillow panels being sewn
  Two 18 inch pillow panels are cut and sewn.
Sewn 18 Pillows
         Panels are cut and sewn to match.
Custom Pillow Forms
        Pillow forms are made for each pillow.
Pillow forms are turned
           Turned right-side out to be filled.
Pillow form is placed in casing
      Pillow forms are placed into each pillow.
Pillows are filled and closed
     Filled with poly-fill for a soft yet full pillow.

Built-In Frame Cushions

Cut-to-Fit Foam
                Foam is miter-cut for custom fit.
Foam is placed into new cover
 Poly wrapped foam is placed into seat cover.
Seams of cushion cover are aligned
         The perfect fit is a tight fit for foam.
Working the foam to zip it up
  Manipulation of cushion to foam and zipped.
Foam is in the new cushion
    Completed cushion is filled and zipped up.
Custom Pit Cushions
  Complete seat cushion for custom pit group.

          Re-Designing Existing Cushions 

Original Sofa Cushion
        Zebra print sofa cushion.
Damage to Zebra Cushion
  Cushion was damaged and torn.

     A blue bag of beaded tassels.

      Zebra panel with new fabric.

    Bottom cushion panel and boxing in green.

   Close up of zebra panel, boxing and tassels.

  Completed re-designed zebra print cushion. 

          Creative Custom Production

        Re-designed zebra cushion on the original zebra sofa.

                 Accentuating the theme of the room - Beautifully!

Visit our Fabric gallery here:
  Upholstery Fabrics  Fabrics Continued  Contract Fabrics  Leather and Vinyl

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