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2011 Honda Fury
                               2011 Honda Fury ABS VT 1300 CXA
2011 Honda Fury Custom Seat
               Custom Made Croc Seat Top with Matching Fender Bib.

Customizing a Chopper Seat         New Wild Croc Seat Top                  New Gel Pad Installation
Original Motorcycle Seat
  The original motorcycle seat brought to us.
New Croc for Seat Top Panel
       New Black 'Wild Croc' and smooth vinyl.
Old Seat Cover Removed
                  Original vinyl is removed.
Materials and Supplies
     New Gel Pad, Vinyls and Matching Thread.
Gel Pad
           New Gel Pad for long ride comfort.
Placement of New Gel Pad
       Molded foam is cut and removed for pad.

Original foam removed
                 Scaling the foam for flush fit.
Gel Pad Insert
                Top side Gel Pad insert view.
Seat Ready for Upholstery
             Side view of flush fit of Gel Pad.
Pattern Process
        Seat top panel is readied for pattern.
On the Cutting Table
     Outline of center cut for 'Wild Croc' vinyl.
           New pattern on the cutting table.

Squaring the cut
              Squaring the seat top panel.
Patterns Cut and Ready to Sew
       Patterns are cut and ready to be sewn.
Sewn and Ready
      New seat is sewn and ready to upholster.
Fury Seat is Complete
             Right side view of new seat.
Close up of Seat Seam
      Close up of 'Wild Croc' and Smooth Vinyl.
Left Side View
                  Left side view of new seat.
Bib Template Approval
         Pattern templates to scale of seat.
Bib Slip Completed
           The chosen pattern and sewn bib.
Croc Seat with Fender Bib
                 New seat and bib complete.

           Quality Workmanship Guarantee - In Action...                        Visit our Fabric gallery here:  Auto Fabric  Leather and Vinyl
The Honda Fender Bib
       'The seat looks great, I do have an issue with the bib...
     It's not looking right on the fender... I think its too wide at the seat
     and too 'puffy' thick.'

      Here are some pictures comparing the 2 bibs. Maybe just a little
      narrower and more gator....not as thick... It bunches up when yo
      lay it on the fender

        Custom Honda Fender Bib: Take Two

Warranty Honda Bib
Nice and flat, the new Honda Fender Bib is complete and ready to ship.
Honda Bib Installed on Bike
Custom Upholstered Honda Fury Seat and Bib.

'Got the bib last night...  It looks great. I will try to put it on tonight...  It looks great and feels good, too. Thanks again.'

                                                Visit our Fabric galleries here:   Upholstery Fabrics    Auto Fabrics     Leather and Vinyl

     A.I.R. Upholstery                    Advanced Interior Restoration and Upholstery                  (719) 495-0509
                                                                                                                  Hours: Monday-Friday 9:00 - 5:00


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