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          Headliner Installation             Visit our Auto Fabric Gallery here:  Auto Fabrics
Ford Ranger Original Headliner
    Ford Ranger's original damaged headliner.
Tears in Headliner
     Torn material reveals the foam backing.
Original Ranger Headliner
      Throughout the entire headliner shell.

Headliner Shell
    Original headliner is removed.
New Foam Back Headliner
         New headlining material.
Smoothing over shell
  Rolled out and smoothed straight.
Headliner on the Work Table
      Excess material is cut away.

Pressed form application
  Headliner is pressed to form to molded shell.
Headliner Application
   Each section of headliner is pressed to form.
New foam-back headliner
    The new headliner is ready for installation.

Upholstered Headliner Shell
    The re-upholstered headliner shell is installed and checked for fit.
New Headliner Installed
    The dome light and visors are installed to the installed headliner.

Driver's Side Seat Repairs
Driver seat side damage
    The Ranger's driver's side seat panel is torn.
Seat cover is removed
  Seat cover is removed to expose foam issues.
Broken suspension seat springs
       Removal revealed broken suspension.

New vinyl is patterned
    The damaged panel is patterned.
Repaired seat panel is installed
      The damaged foam is repaired.
Spring sling is repaired
   Repaired seat cover is installed.
Drivers seat is repaired
         The Ranger seat is repaired.

Door panel cloth is removed
   Door panel is removed from door.
Both door panels
  Both door panels are on the table.
Upholstered panel is installed
   Cloth replaced and panel installed.
Upholstered and Installed
      Re-upholstered and installed.
   Seat Foam Repair and Replace
Torn panel and foam
     Driver's torn seat panel and damaged foam.
Damaged seat foam
   Left side of seat bun is torn and broke down.

Foam repaired
   New foam is cut-to-fit and re-molded to bun.

New side panel cloth
   New automotive cloth for damaged panels.
Damaged panel replaced
    Repaired seat cover is ready to be applied.
Repaired and installed seat
    Restored bucket seat of 2001 Acura MDX.

        Browse our Auto Fabrics Gallery, where you'll find a wide variety of automotive cloth fabrics, leather, vinyl, carpets, and headliners for all your
        automotive interior needs.

     Custom Jeep Seats
Custom Jeep Buckets
                           Custom upholstered Jeep bucket seats.
Back Jump Seat
                    Re-upholstered Jeep jump seat is ready to be installed.

Blue Insert Vinyl
     Insert vinyl is rolled out.
Channels are sewn
         Channels are sewn.
Blue inserts with side panels
  Blue is sewn to side panels.
Seat is upholstered to frame
     Upholstered to frame.
One bucket seat is complete
 Upholstered and assembled.
Original Jump Seat
     Original Jeep jump seat.
Sewing the seat top
 Sewn channels on the back.
Back is upholstered
      The back is upholstered.
Completed Jump Seat
      Jump seat is complete.
Caprpet is applied to seat
 Carpeted bottom completes.

Driver's Seat is Removed
     The seat bun is removed from seat base.
Seat is Removed from Frame
    Original seat cover is removed from frame.
Close up of split seat
            The original seam has split apart.

     Heating Element Replacement
Crimped Heater Coil When the seat cover was removed we noticed smoldered foam and cloth.            Exposed Damage Smoldered Element on Foam Bun
       Damaged heating coil.

       Properly Secured
Applying the Heating Element
    Element is applied to seat.
     Dealer Replacement
New Element from Dealer
        New heater element.

     Properly Installed
New Coil Pad Installed
      Seat heater is installed.

Cover at the sewing machine
         Seat seam panels are lined up.
Lining up the Seams
              Placed under the sewing needle.
Close up of Sewing
       The horizontal center seam is re-sewn.
Repaired Acura Seat Seam
    The  repaired seat panel is ready to apply.
Re-iinstalled Acura Seat
             The drivers seat is re-installed.
Driver's Seat Restored and Installed
  Side plate is replaced, the repair is complete.

    1940 Ford Interior Restoration 
1940 Ford Truck
    There's a Grandpa who owns this old truck.
1940 Ford Truck
           Whose Granddaughter wanted it fixed.
1940 Ford Truck
             To ride in her graduation parade...
Original Bench Seat
 Our job was to refurbish the truck bench seat.
View of Driver's Door
        To create new door panels and upholster.
Truck Floor
       New automotive carpet and new headliner.

         Antique Frame Restoration 

Original Bench Spring Base
   Seat coil spring frame is rusted.
Cleaned, Sanded and Painted Base
  Wire wheeled and painted frame.
Back Springs and Seat Base
  Restored back frame with base.
Channeled Seat Top Panel
   Sewn channeled top seat panel.

Carpeted Bench Seat Base
    Bench seat is upholstered to the spring base.
Upholstered Bench Seat
holstered seat and back are assembled.
Restored 1940 Bench Seat
               Bench back frame is upholstered.

Bound Carpet Seat Base
                Metal bench base is carpeted with vinyl binding.
Installed Ford Bench Seat
    The re-upholstered truck bench is installed and bolted into place.

      Antique Truck
Carpet Installation

  Carpet Bound with Heel Pad
Carpet is Installed

       Installed with vinyl binding pad and heel pad sewn in to complete.
            Cut-to-Fit Carpet
Installing Truck Carpet
            Carpet is cut to fit floor.

            Carpet Binding
Carpet along firewall
        Binding is sewn to raw edge.
            Custom Installed
Pedal Accomodation
       Apparatus accommodation.

         Custom Installation
Carpeted Seat Base
      Base is bound and carpeted.

       Custom Door Panel Production
New Door Panel Board
     Panel board is cut to fit interior door frame.
Upholstered Door Panel
      Upholstered door panel with sewn channel.
Installed with Handles
         Door and window handles are installed.

       Custom Headliner Installation

Ceiling Panel Board Patterns
     Panel patterns with foam back headlining.
Headliner at Windshield
t-to-fit and installed headliner.
Installed Headliner
    New headliner is installed, truck is complete.

Antique Truck Interior Restoration

Restored Ford Interior
                Restored bench seat attached to carpeted seat base.
1940 Ford Truck Restored Interior
         Interior view of the refurbished and restored 1940 Ford Truck.
                            Visit our Auto fabric gallery here:  Auto Fabrics

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