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    Interior Restoration of 1995 Pro Am Skier                A.I.R. Upholstery, LLC                        Contact Us

Completion of the Pro Am Skier
      Installing the ski tower upon completion of the Pro Am.

  We'd like to take this opportunity to thank Matt, the owner of
  the MasterCraft who referred us to his friends Matt and Derek
  who brought in their Blue Water Pro Am Skier for restoration.
The Roll Out

     "Thank you very much for all the hard work on the boat.
       It looks great.
  We took it out twice this weekend and
       everything works perfectly."
                                                                           Thanks again,
                                                                           Matt and Derek

  Before Photos ...'Friendship and Duct Tape' 

Before Pro Am Captain's Seat
  Pro Am Captain's Pedestal Seat.
Before Passenger Seat
       Passenger Seat and Back.
Close up of taped seat
       Passenger Seat Cushion.
Before Aft Bench Seating
       Aft Back and Seat Cushions.
3 taped aft bench cushions
     Close up of aft seat cushions.
Taped Engine Cover
       Upholstered Engine Cover.
Before Bow Cushions
           Bow Cushions and Back.
Before Bow Tip
       Original Bow Back Tip.

       The Helm 
Upholstered Pro Am Helm
 Re-upholstered and installed Captain's Seat, Engine Cover and Stern.
Original Pro Am Pedestal Seat
     The original pedestal seat.
Inside Back is Upholstered
    The inside back is complete.
Seat Shell is Upholstered
   The seat shell is upholstered.
Installed Captain's Pedestal
   Seat is complete and installed.

   The Spotter Seat
Completed Passenger Seat and Hinged Back
   Re-upholstered Spotter Seat, Back Access Rest and New Side Rail.
Taped passenger seat
 Taped passenger seat cushion.

Seat Cushion Upholstery
      Seat cushions upholstery.
Upholstered Access Back
     Taped hinged back panel.

Re-upholstered cushions
      Re-upholstered cushions.

   The Engine Cover

Re-upholstered Engine Cover
        Fully re-designed and re-upholstered Pro Am Engine Cover.
Taped Engine Cover
  Before Engine Cover with tape.
All original vinyl and foam removed
    All materials are removed.
Engine Cover on the Bench
 Out of the boat onto the bench.
Color combination on Engine Cover
   Side view of the Engine Cover.

    Aft Back Seating
Aft Storage and Seating with Back
Re-designed and re-upholstered back storage bench, back and deck.
Before Bench Seating with Back
        Before Back Bench Seat.
Cleaned and ready to carpet and upholster
    Boat is cleaned and readied.

        Upholstery is removed.
Carpeted Aft Storage Bench
      Carpeted storage interior.

    Open Bow
Re-upholstered Bow Cushions
        Re-upholstered and installed bow seat cushions and bow rail.
Bow Back Rail Upholstery
  Test fit of new back rail cover.
Bow Rail
      Bow ready to be installed.
Upholstery in Process
        Rail being upholstered.
Re-upholstered bow rail installed
         Bow back rail installed.

    Upholstered Sidewall Rails

Custom Made Side Rails
Custom made frame and upholstered full port side rail.
Before without rail
       Ready for re-upholstery.

  Cut-out of new speaker holder.
Custom Starboard Frame Rail
    Custom frame for helm rail.
Custom Portside Rail Frame
   New frame for starboard rail.

Custom Rail Upholstery
  Rail on the bench for upholstery.
Starboard Side Rail Installed
       Port side rail upholstered.
New port side rail at passenger seat
    Custom rail at passenger seat.
New port side rail installation
        Port side rail installation.

Complete Interior Restoration                                                  A.I.R. Upholstery, LLC
Top View Completed Starboard
             Top view of completed Pro AM Skier Starboard at Sunset.
Top View Completed Port Side
     An Advanced Interior Restoration of the Pro Am by A.I.R. Upholstery.

A.I.R. Upholstery                  Advanced Interior Restoration and Upholstery                   (719) 495-0509
                                                                                              Hours: Monday - Friday 9:00 - 5:00

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