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Furniture - Auto - Business - Boat - Aircraft    

                                                                                                                 Servicing the Upholstery Needs of All Things Upholstered!
       Custom Restaurant Seating                                   Visit our Fabric gallery here:  Contract Fabrics  Leather and Vinyl

Another View of Cushion
   Pizzeria Bench and Cushion.
Original Photo of Bench Cushions
    Original blue seat cushion.
New Bench Back and Cushions
                  The original wood benches with loose seat cushions.

         Cushion Restoration

New Seat Foam
     New foam for new cushions.
New Black Vinyl
       New vinyl for new cushions.
Pattern Panels are Cut
      Vinyl cushion panels are cut.
Cushions are Sewn
     New cushion covers are sewn.

Foam is Wrapped and Trimmed
      Dacron™  poly-wrap.
Dacron Wrap Provides Fullness and Crown
        Foam is wrapped.
Cushion Cover is Made Ready
        New cushion cover.
Cushion Corrners are Inspected
    Turned right-side out.
Cover is Ready for Foam
       Quality seam check.
Foam is Folded and Placed Inside
  Foam is placed into cover.
Foam is Pressed into the Cover
  Pushing and pulling to fill.
Corners are Squared
  Cushion corners are filled.
Working the Other Side
         Left side is filled.
Foam is Settled to Fill Corners
  Foam and cushion cover.

Stroking the Seams
       Cover is stroked to turn seam salvage.
Pressing Foam to Zip
     Foam is pressed in and cushion is zipped.
New Foam is Zipped In
    Foam fits exact within salvage and boxing.

             Quality Custom Upholstery
                                                                     Visit our Fabric Gallery here: Contract Fabrics  Leather and Vinyl
Zipper Closes in the Foam
     Each inch of the cushion cover is filled with wrapped foam for fit.
Seams are Even and Straight
      Made-to-Fit 48" x 13" x 3" Loose Seat Cushion for Bench Seat.

          Custom Production Workshop

Three New Bench Cushions
  Cushions are inspected for quality assurance.
Completed Seat Cushions
             Seven cushions are completed.
Twelve Complete Seat Cushions
         A dozen new cushions are complete.

       Custom Bench Back

Backs are Cut
   New back panel for single bench. 
Back-to-Back Frame
  A-frame to fit over double backs.
End Cap
    End cap to heighten the backs.
Stack of 4 Seat Cushions
   Four double bench back frames.

Customized Restaurant Seating

New Cover is Applied
  Frame is padded with foam ready for sleeve.
Upholstered Back Frames
    Frame is upholstered with sewn end caps.
Closeup Side Cap
              Close up of the sewn end cap.
New Bench Cushions
           The new seat cushions are placed.
Installed Single Booth Back
        The single bench backs are installed.
New Backs Installed
  Double backs are installed onto the benches.

             Completed Booths
Two Doubles and a Single
    Left side view of the new backs for a single and two double backs.
Right Doubles and Single
    Right side view of for a total of four doubles and two single booths.

A.I.R. Upholstery                    Advanced Interior Restoration and Upholstery                    (719) 495-0509
                                                                     Visit our Fabric gallery here:  Contract Fabrics  Leather and Vinyl
                                                                                                Hours: Monday - Friday 9:00 - 5:00

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