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1989 Donzi Ragazza
                                                          Custom Upholstered By A.I.R. Upholstery
  Toby's Donzi is Going Home         
              I just want to thank you so very much for everything you have
              done with this boat. I spent about 4 hours last night just sitting
              there taking in the craftsmanship that was involved in this project.

              I really do believe that this project could not look any better, as
              you know, I am a very picky customer and I am thrilled!  I would
              and will recommend you to anyone who needs work done.

             You are the best!

             Not only do I have a great looking classic, but I truly believe I have
             made good friends in the process. Kevin, you are truly a craftsman!

             Thank you my friend.

Walk-through View
           The Donzi's Aft View
Passenger Seat Bench
        The Passenger Seat Bench
The Finished Bow
      The Re-Designed Donzi Bow
The Z-Deck
      Custom 'Z' Cushion Sun Deck

      The Donzi Upholstery Before Photos
The Bow
     Original Bow Cushion.
Portside bow back
          Bow Back Rail. 
Starboard Rail
    Original Starboard Rail.
  Portside Rail
      Original Port Side Rail.
The Captain's Pedestal
   Captain's Chair and Helm.

       Customer Built Seating Frame

Steps and Frames Built By Owner
  Aft Bench and Deck Steps.
Top View to Back
      Walk Through View.
Passenger Seat Frame
       Spotter Seat Frame.
Front View
        The Helm Flooring.
Sun deck and bench seat frame
     Back Bench and Deck.

          It Begins

 The New Donzi Vinyls
    The Donzi's New Marine Vinyl and Carpet.
Parts and Pieces Removed
    All Original Upholstered Frames Removed.
Drawing, Rails and Vinyls
                All Original Vinyl is Removed.

          Custom Designed Bow Back Rails

Rail is Upholstered

   The Starboard Bow Rail is Designed, Cut, Sewn and Upholstered to the frame.

         The Sewing Table
Cut panels are sewn for bow rail
 Sewing the bow rail patterns.

               Test Fitting
Upholstering the Rail
   The cover is fitted to frame.

     The Cutting Table
Rail ready for upholstery
  Bow Frame and New Cover.

      Seam Inspections
New cover application
Seamed sections are placed.

          Open Bow Upholstery

Outside welt is applied
   Upholstered Bow Rail is trimmed with welt.
Bow Rails ready for Test Fit
       New Port Side and Starboard Bow Rails.
Portside Rail Installed
       This New Bow Rail is First to be Installed.

          Engineering Custom Designs

Custom Design Engineering

      Custom Design and Pattern Engineering on New Cut -to- Fit Wood Frame.
      Vinyl Quality Check
Cutting Table
   New Vinyl is Flaw Checked.

        Pattern Layout
Cushion match-up
    New Pattern with Bow Rail.
      Pattern Design
Lyying out patterns
       Bow Cushion Patterning.

     Sewn Pattern Panels
Sewn pattern bow cushion panel
    Sewn Pattern for Cushion.

          Bow Cushion Upholstery

Upholstering Bow Cushion
   Cushion cover is placed to fit over the foam.
Bow foam and cover is upholstered
   Then attached to the new wood seat frame.
Upholstering Bow Cushion
    The starboard side cushion is complete.

Custom Designed Donzi Open Bow
New Bow Cushion Seat Design
        The Beginning of Customizing the Donzi Open Bow Seating.
Installed Donzi Bow
            The Bow Back Rails and Bow Seat Cushions Installed.

          Custom Forward Bow Cushion

Bow Rail Z Cushion
  Custom designed, cut and sewn 'Z' bow back.
Corner seam set
     Seams are set and frame is upholstered.
Bow Rail Z Cushion
             Completed Forward Bow Back Rail.

             Master Craftsmanship

Skilled and Steady Hands
        Custom upholstery is dependent on the skill of sewing.
Sewing Outside Back
     Cutting patterns 'square', when sewn will sew tight and squared.

Customized Cushion Construction

Before Passenger Seat Frame
    Passenger pedestal was removed and a wood seat frame was built.
Spotter Bench
      The passenger seating with new cushion, back and side bolsters.

Base is Carpeted
  Cut-to-fit wood seat base.
Portside stages
  Rail and bolster installed.
Upholstering the Seat Cushion
     Cushion cover is sewn.
Passenger Seat Bolster Edge
    Upholstered seat cushion.
Passenger Seat Installed
  Passenger seat  installed.

             Custom Designed and Modified Captain's Chair
Original Captain's Chair
                   The Original Donzi Captain's Pedestal Chair.
Re-Upholstered Captain's Chair
                 Custom Designed and Upholstered Captain's Chair.

Pedestal Frame is Ready for Upholstery
Original vinyl is removed.
Sewing the  Captain's Chair
      Outside back is sewn.
Captain's Chair New Cover
 Applying the chair's cover.
Chair Frame is Upholstered
    Seat cushion is installed.
Pedestal Insert and Seat
  New seat and back inserts.
Portside Rail Upholstery
     Upholstering Side Rail.
Rails in production
     Designed Side Bolsters.
Upholstered Side Rail
  Upholstered to the Frame.
Starboard Side Rail
     Installed Port Side Rail.
Starboard Side Rail
    Installed Starboard Rail.

            Open Bow and Helm Restoration

Forward View
         Forward View of the Interior Restoration of the Donzi's Helm.
Installed Captain's Chair
            View of the Donzi's Captain's Chair and Starboard Rail.

         Custom Boat Woodwork

Framework Begins
     Wood is cut-to-fit the modified sun deck.
Sundeck and aft bench
     Deck panel and bench back panel boards.
Frames ready for upholstery
      Hinged engine cover frame and top step.

          Aft Back Design

Back Bench Seat Cushion

       Bench base is carpeted, new seat cushion is installed with lumber cushion.
      Bench Seat Design
Cushion cover is sewn
   Pattern is sewn and fitted.

     Cushion Upholstery
New cushion is placed over foam
  Cushion is attached to panel.
  Bench Seat Upholstery
Cushion being upholstered
    Seat insert is upholstered.

      Custom Installation
Bench cushion test fit
  Cushion is installed on base.

          Custom Back Bolster
Back Bolster is Upholstered
    Round back bolster in three seat sections.
Custom Back Bolster
   Upholstery is complete and ready to install.
Completed Back Bench
   Complete and installed custom back bench.

             Custom Sun Deck and Bench Seating

Before Bench and Sun Deck Frame
                  BEFORE Photo of Custom Built Framed Engine Cover.
Back Bench Complete
        AFTER Photo of Custom Upholstered Donzi 'Z' Deck and Bench.

          Custom Design Sewing

Cut 'Z' 

               Custom Made 'Z' Sewn Center to Sun Deck Cushion Top Panel.
        Design Projection
Projected 'Z' Pattern
    Projected to Cut to Scale.

      Custom Production
Sewing the Sun Deck Z
  Specialty design and sewing.
        Design Creation
Designing the 'Z' Pattern
        Cut and Sewn 'Z'.

     Custom Upholstery
'Z' Deck is Upholstered
      Upholstered 'Z' Deck.

           Sun Deck Specialties

Installing the 'Z' Deck
   New 'Z' Deck Cushion Panel is Set into Place.
'Z' Deck Installed
    The Sun Deck Cushion is Hinged Installed.
Hinged Deck Cover
          Pneumatic Lift Kit Keeps Fingers Safe.

             Boat Carpet Specialties

Carpeted Steps
                Carpeted Custom Donzi Steps in Black Marine Carpet.
Hinged Top Step
    Battery Compartment is Accessible with Hinged Carpeted Top Step.

Step Storage Panel
      Step Storage Compartment.
Floor Panel Cut Out
  Carpeted Step Floor Panel Door.
Carpeted Battery Storage
    Battery Storage Compartment.
Stairs With Carpet
    View of Carpeted Donzi Stairs.

          Engine Compartment Interior

Engine Top Frame
             Bulkhead Partition is Carpeted.
Carpeted Engine Interior Wall
     Dividing Aft Partition Ready to be Installed.
Engine Department
        Carpeted Engine Cover Bulkhead Frame.

             From Forward to Aft - The Donzi is Complete

Before Walk Through View
     The day the Donzi came to us with re-designed and built seating.
Forward View Back
  The Donzi's interior is custom designed and completely transformed.

             Custom Designed Sun Deck

Sun Deck
     Custom Made Donzi Z is sewn in to Compliment the New Sun Deck.
View of the 'Z' Deck Forward
     Which Compliments the Back Forward View of the Custom Stairs.

Donzi is Complete
           Top View of the Donzi - Complete and Ready to Go Home.
The Donzi's Going Home
          Another Advanced Interior Restoration by A.I.R. Upholstery...

A.I.R. Upholstery                        Advanced Interior Restoration and Upholstery                (719) 495-0509                                                                                                          Hours: Monday - Friday 9:00 - 5:00 

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