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           The Stroker Bass Boat                                           Original Boat Upholstery and Carpet Installed
The Stroker Bass Boat
2001 Stroker 21' Bass Boat from Colorado Springs.
Original Stroker Interior Restoration
            Stroker Seat and Carpet are Restored to the Original Interior.

          The Before Photos

Scorched Passenger Seat
           The Original Stroker Pedestal Seats.
Damaged Passenger Seat
      Passenger Seat Scorched by a Flashlight.
Boat Oil Stain
             Boat Oil Spill at the Helm's Flooring.

         Carpet Removal Begins

Stroker Before Carpeted Bow
         The Carpeted Bow Deck.
Before Bow Panels Removed
       Carpeted Panels Removed.
Before Stroker Aft Carpeted Deck
           Carpeted Back Deck.
Before Deck Panels Removed
         Deck Panels Removed.
 Stroker's Floor Panels
        The Panels are Stacked.
 Carpet Removal Begins
      Removal of Original Carpet.
 Removed Carpet Panel Patterns
     The Carpeted Panel Patterns.
 Original Carpet is Removed
   Panels are Readied for Sanding.

          Deck Carpet Removal

Carpet Removal Begins
              Deck Carpet Removal Begins.
Original Carpet is Removed
       Carpet is Removed from the Bow Deck.
Carpet Pulled - Hull Prepared
          Bow Deck is Readied for New Carpet.

       Boat Flooring Restoration

Pooled Oil and Old Glue
    Oil Seepage In and Under the Helm Carpet.
Scraping Glue and Oil
  Scraping the Oil and Glue Mixture from Floor.
Oil and Glue is Removed
   Floor is Prepared and Ready for New Carpet.

    Carpet Patterning                                    Access Panels                                      Cut Carpet
Patterns on New Marine Carpet
     Carpeted Panel Patterns and New Carpet.
Deck Panels Prepared for Carpet
     Floor Panels are Sanded Clean of Old Glue.
New Carpet Patterns are Cut
      New Carpet is Cut-to-Fit for Each Panel.

Carpeted Floor Panels
     Each Panel Pattern is Applied.
Mitred Cornering on Carpeted Panel
    With Cut and Mitered Corners.
Carpeted Panels are Ready for Installation
 Various Size Panels are Carpeted.
Panel Backs Re-installed
       Close Up of Carpeted Panels.

           Helm Carpet Installed

New Port Side Carpet is Installed
                   Precision Carpet Cuts and Seams for the Port Side Foot Well.
        Proper Preparation
Scraped, Clean and Taped

  Deck is Prepared for Carpet.

         Rivet Installation
Riveting the hinges to panels
     New Fastener Installation.
    New Carpet Patterning
Bow Carpet Installation
 Carpet is Cut-to-Fit on  Deck.

        Carpeted Panels
Carpet Panels are Installed and Hinged
       Installed Access Panels.

       Summer Weather Variables                                                   ...and Custom Boat Upholstery

Carpet Installation
             With 100 degree plus days, we worked into the night.
Rear Deck Panel Installation
                                     Then came the monsoon rains....

Carpeting Panel
  Each Access Panel is Carpeted and Trimmed.
Close up of Installed Carpet Panel
      Tight and Squared Cuts and Application.
Installed Panel
Access Panel Lays Flat and Flush with Carpet.

    Boat Re-Upholstery

Original Vinyl is Removed
 Pedestal upholstery is removed.
Damaged Seat Cover
   The scorched passenger seat.
Split Seams for Patterns
      Ready to process patterns.
Frame is Ready for New Upholstery
     All original vinyl is removed.
Patterns Cut and Ready to Sew
     New inside arm cut patterns.
Seat Panels are Cut and Scrimmed
    Scrim foam is applied to cuts.
Patterns are Sewn
      Scrim channels are sewn.
Applying New Seat Cover
         New seat is upholstered.

Frame Panels are Sewn
            Inside back patterns are sewn.
New Cover is Fitted
              The new upholstery is applied.
Pedestal Cover is Upholstered
      Pulled tight and attached to seat frame.
Re-Upholstered Stroker Pedestal
            The seat is re-upholstered.
Front Seat with Snaps
               The seat snaps are installed.
Close up of New Snaps on Seat
           The seat is installed and snapped in.

Re-Upholstered Stroker Seat Installed
    Re-upholstered passenger seat is installed.
Re-Upholstered Captain's Seat
      Captain's Seat is Complete and Installed.
Top View of Completed Stroker Bass Boat
           Restored as Original Stroker Seats.

     The Restored Interior of the Stroker Bass Boat

The Stroker is Complete and Ready to Go Home
                      The Stroker is Restored and Ready for Pick Up.
Complete Restored Stroker Bass
                     This Stroker is Restored to her Original Beauty.

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