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 Full Service Custom Upholstery Workshop
      Black Forest, CO 80908  719-495-0509 
 Furniture - Auto - Business - Boat - Aircraft    

       All the Way from Chicago...                                                            Custom Upholstered by A.I.R. Upholstery 

  Pedestal Seat.

    Original Aft Bench Seat.

       Tri-Fold Seat Bench.
Cabin and Salon Cushions
     Original Cabin Benches.

      Corner-L Seat Cushion.

    1997 Wellcraft 265 Excel Interior Restoration.
Wellcraft Excel 265

Starboard View of Wellcraft

   With pictures of the upholstery while it was out of the boat, a few dimensions, emails and phone calls, an upholstery quote was prepared for the owner of a
   1997 Wellcraft Excel 265, that was in Chicago, en route to Durango. We scheduled a start date, and sure enough... the Chicago boat was parked outside. A
   moment to remember for our shop that this customer had placed an enormous amount of trust in our custom upholstery workshop to restore the interior of 
    his boat from Chicago.

       The Original Interior

Original V-Berth Cushions
     The Original V-Berth Cushions.
Cabin Seating and Cushion
      Original Salon Bench Seating.
Cabin Seating
          The Dining Area Seating.
Original Aft Bench
     Aft Back Bench Seat and Back.
Aft View Bench
       The Fold-Down Seat Section.
 Original Tri-Fold Bench
       The Original Tri-Fold Bench.
Original Double Back
       The Inside Back of Tri-Fold.
ORiginal Fold Down Bench
         The Tri-Fold Hinged Top.
Original Wellcraft Seating
          The Back Bolster Rails.
Original Captain's Pedestal
         The Original Pedestal Seat.
Original Helm
            The Before Helm Photo.
Helm and Cabin Entrance
     Pedestal Back and Cabin Entry.

        The Cabin Upholstery Begins
New Cabin Fabric
    New fabric for the cabin's V-Berth cushions.
Upholstering Trim Panels
    Aft cushion patterns are cut-to-fit to foam.
Sewing Cushion Panels
     V-Berth cushion top and boxing are sewn.

Custom Re-Upholstered V-Berth Cushions

Re-Upholstered Cabin Cushions
     V-Berth Cushions Upholstered to Match Berth Carpets and Rails.
Cuddy Cushions
      Re-Upholstered Cabin Cushions Coordinate with Original Side Rail.

      V-Berth Cushions
Before V-Berth Cushions
   Before Photo of V-Berth Cushion.
The New V-Berth Cushion
   Re-upholstered V-Berth Cushion.
Before Aft Sleeper Cushions
Before Photo of Cabin Cushions.
Before Atf Sleeper Cushions
    Re-upholstered Cabin Cushions.

      The Original Dining Area Cushions
Dining Bench and Rail
Original Salon Seating
Dining Bench Cushions
Original Salon Cushion
Original Cover is Removed

      Cabin Rails are Re-Upholstered
Trim Panel is Upholstered
      Cabin rails re-upholstered.
Upholstered Panels Installed to Base
        Rails installed on seat base.
Upholstered Trim Rails Installed
        The carpeted salon bench.
Dinette Cushions
  New Salon cushions with Velcro

          Re-Upholstered Salon Cushions
Panels and Cushions Installed
     The Re-upholstered Salon Cushions and Trim Panels are installed.
The Dining Cushions Installed
   The  Re-upholstered Dining Cushions are stayed with Velcro backing.

Quality Marine Vinyl
New Marine Vinyl for Wellcraft Excel
      New Vinyls for the Wellcraft.
Sewing panel for tri-fold
       Fold down back is designed.
Sewn Back Cover Application
 Back cushion panel is set in place.
Custom Designed Back
     Then upholstered over foam.

          Custom Boat Cushion Design

Custom Designed and Patterned
             Custom designed, cut and sewn top panel of seat cushion.
Sewn and Upholstered Seat
       New seat cushion is upholstered to the substrate and foam core.

        Tri-Fold Bench is Re-Upholstered
Custom Upholstered Tri-Fold
       Re-upholstered Tri-Fold Bench Lounger.
Folded Out
   Close up of seat and back pattern match-up.
Extended Tri-Fold Bench
       Fully extended Tri-Fold Bench Lounger.

           Tri-Fold is Installed
Tri-Fold Bench Installed
              The Re-Upholstered Tri-Fold Lounger Bench is Installed.
Installed Fold Down
              Tri-Fold Longer Cushion Slides and Extends with Ease.

Seat Cushion Patterns are Created
        Port side seat cushion top.
Cover is Being Sewn
      Cushion and boxing is sewn.
Foam Placed in Cover
  Foam is placed inside new cover.
Foam is Set in New Cover
  Vinyl is stroked to fit L-seat foam.

           Passenger Bench Seat
Installed Bench Seating
     Re-upholstered and Installed Back Passenger Fold Down Lounger.
Corner L-Unit and Bolster Backs
                    The L-Cushion Seating from the Cabin Entryway.

     Captain's Pedestal Chair    
Seat ans Lumbar Bolster
         Seat and Lumbar Bolster.
Center Bolster
                    Center Bolster.
Inside Back Bolsters
       Inserts for the Pedestal.
New Interior of Pedestal
     Interior of Pedestal Installed.

Sewing the Pedestal Sleeve
                            Pedestal sleeve is sewn.
Sleeve is Upholstered
                Pedestal chair is upholstered.
Ca[tain's Chair is Complete
            Back and seat bolsters are inserted. 

         The Captain's Chair
Pedestal Track is Attached
                  The pole base and slide tracks are set into place.
Captain's Chair is Installed
           The completed Captain's chair is installed on the Wellcraft

Installed Tri-Fold and Carpet
   Tri-Fold Seat with New Snap Back Carpet.
Complete and Restored
                 Wellcraft Interior is Complete.
New Cockpit Cover
         New Cockpit Cover to match Bimini top.

Cockpit Cover Patterning.
            Cockpit cover panels are test fitted.
Sides are marked for snaps.
    The cover is trimmed and readied for snaps.
Snaps are installed to cockpit cover.
   Snaps are installed and the cover is complete.

Tie Downs are in Place for Delivery
             The Wellcraft is complete and made ready for delivery.
Wellcraft is Delivered
      The Wellcraft is delivered safe and sound to the owner of this boat.

     A.I.R. Upholstery                       Advanced Interior Restoration and Upholstery                    (719) 495-0509
                                                                                                    Hours: Monday - Friday 9:00-5:00

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