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 Upholstery & Upholstery Repairs
  Full Service Custom Upholstery Workshop
  Black Forest, CO 80908  (719) 495-0509
Furniture - Auto - Commercial - Boat - RV's

Patio Furniture
   Patio Cushions
Furniture Repairs
  Frame Repairs
Provential Chair
Chair Upholstery
Car Speaker Shelf
Pro Am Ski Spotter Seat
       Boat Seats
Chevy Truck Buckets
    Truck Buckets
Custom Cushions
 Lounge Cushions
Aircraft Interiors
  Plane Interiors
Commercial Seating
 Business Seating

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Sofa Size Ottoman
       Designer Sofa Ottoman
Upholstered Table Tops
 Upholstered Therapy Tables
Installed 1960 Impala Carpet
1960 Impala Carpet
RV Furniture Upholstery
RV and Coach  Upholstery

      We have re-upholstered and repaired furniture for homes and business. Restored and repaired the interiors of automobiles, trucks, and RV's.
have replaced damaged  booth seats for restaurants, upholstered chiropractor, therapy and medical tables, casino and lounge seating.

Custom Zebra Cushion
    Re-Designed Upholstery
Yukon Seat Repair
     Yukon Seat Upholstery
Re-Upholstered 10' Blue
     Business Re-Upholstery
Upholstered Table Rail
      Custom Made Table Rail

            No matter what type of upholstered seating, we will repair it, re-design, add to it, or fully re-upholster it, as original or by custom design.
            If you are in need of upholstery services call us, or send a picture or two we're able to assess the most affordable way to restore or repair.

        Contact Us Here                                                    Need any help with upholstery an upholstery project? Call  (719) 495-0509 

Boxed Arm Bar Stool
        Designer Bar Stool
Oval bench
      Designer Oval Ottoman
Furniture Repair
     Moving Damage Repair
Custom Built-in Bus Benches
       Built-in Bench Seating

     Advanced Interior Restoration and Upholstery - A.I.R. Upholstery provides services to Interior Designers, Architect, Millwork and Trade Shops.
     If you an interior service provider and need an upholstery workshop, we provide quotes on specs you can send to us. We'll supply the yardage
     totals, foam needed with labor quote. We are able to work on-site for built-ins, banquettes and restaurant booth replacement maintenance.

Commercial Upholstery                                               We'd like to be the upholstery workshop that provides your job site
     Commercial Photo Gallery                                          with quality upholstered furnishings.  (719) 495-0509 or Email

    Re-upholstery brings a world of colors, patterns, textures and possibilities to a room's design. Restoring furniture back to it's quality standards
    takes a matter of weeks.  We will help to find the perfect fabric, recommend the best foam for comfort and then apply our quality application of
    the chosen fabric. We then return what at one time you could have only imagined, only better...

Re-upholstered Splitback Bench
      Split-Back Truck Bench
Sectional Re-Upholstery
        Sectional Upholstery
Restaurant Booth Upholstery
  Custom Restaurant Seating
Designer Workshop Services
      Designer Frame Change

     Custom updated and restored the interior of the Ranchero with the green split back bench seat from the 1970's. Working with the original 1970
     interior colors we were able to incorporate a soft suede channeled top panel with with vinyl side panels. We installed new carpet, also. If you've
     a room that requires an over-sized sectional, or a new restaurant that needs custom booths made, or height added to the back of chairs, call us
     or send a photo to our

Diamond Tufted Lounger
        Antique Restoration
Fabricated Reception Counter
    Upholstered Counters
Flying Manta Ray Repair
Boat Accessory Repairs
Custom Patio Cushions
Patio Furniture

Extensive industry knowledge of frame manufacturing, both wood and metal, foam, fabric and supply specifications for upholstery. We can heighten
   or shorten wood backs or leg heights. Change arm and back styles, change the style to a diamond tufted, or upholster a counter base in white vinyl.
   We will weld broken metal frames in furniture, car and truck frames, including repairing or replacing springs and foam.

      Contact Us Email                                                                                                               Call Us Mon-Fri 9:00 - 5:00  at (719) 495-0509

Re-upholstered Sea Doo Seat
   Watercraft Re-Upholstery
Cat Damage Repaired
        Cat Damage Repair
Custom Designed Door Panels
      Custom Components
Oversized Recliner
         Recliner Upholstery 

Our summer seasonal repairs include torn boat covers, new convertible tops, plastic window replacement. We repair boat toys and accessories with
   split seams or torn fabric. We custom make new or re-upholster patio cushions, re-upholster watercraft seating, and custom Bimini tops.
   components and upholstered panels with custom door speakers, or re-upholstering a favorite chair. We offer i
n-home repair services to upholstered
   and wood furniture from daily wear and tear, moving scuffs, pet damage, torn seams and much more..

Custom Built Storage Ottoman
Custom Storage Ottomans
Re-upholstered Box Arm Sofa
     Tailored Box Arm Sofa
Designer Chair Set
Designer Chairs
Classic Car Interior Restoration
Custom Coupe Upholstery

      Our full service upholstery workshop offers the option of restoring and retaining your upholstered valuables. Or, produce an upholstered idea.
      Custom made furniture and upholstered accessories. Anything upholstered can be re-upholstered - as original or completely re-designed....

Repaired Toyota Seat
      Repaired Driver's Seat
Re-Upholstered Bucket Seats
  Custom Designed Buckets
Re-Upholstered Sofa
    Re-Upholstered Sofa Set
MasterCraft Restored
     MasterCraft Restoration

       Within a matter of hours the driver's seat of the Toyota with a split seam, was repaired and on his way. Custom upholstered high-back bucket
eats pulled from a junkyard and upholstered in black and yellow vinyl to match exterior paint of a converted Rock Crawler.
We'll help to find
       the fabrics that returns the ageless style of traditional furniture in your home. Or, we'll re-build the rail frames that we discovered had serious
       dry rot while installing new boat carpet...

  Monday - Friday 9:00-5:00                                                                                                                               There's More... Next>

    A.I.R. Upholstery                    Advanced Interior Restoration and Upholstery                 (719) 495-0509


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